The Mazatec Huehuentones

October 1, 2019


Antique traditions still alive today in Mexico's remote mountains under the care of the Mazatec Nation. 

During the Days of The Dead ritual ceremony,  this unique the worldabstract, surreal and beautiful celebration is happening, an experience you will never forget. You can join us and participate in our next visit.

The Days of The Dead in the Mazatec Sierra
As you might know the days of the dead is one of the important dates for Mexicans, this is celebrated every year in the entire country, more less in the same fashion, yet in the Mazatec nation this celebration happens in a completely different context.

For the Mazatecs these are the most important dates of the year. It is a profound and unique ritual ceremony where the entire Sierra is involved. The graveyards are fully dressed with offerings, color, flowers, incense, candles, food, music, traditional clothing, songs and prayers.


Who or what are the Huehuentones?
The most fascinating part of this celebration, is a special group of people that carry a huge responsibility rooted in their uses, customs and beliefs, called "Huehuentones" who have to go through many years of special training to be able to do this unique work for their people. This group of meticulously selected people are carefully prepared for many years before being