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KAMBO - BUFO - Available for you

Hello Dear Con Ciencia Indigena followers

Brotherly greetings!

I have splendid news and a new experience for you.

Kambo and Bufo

I have come to a profound understanding of the significance of these tools and the transformative portal they create, enabling individuals to heal, break free from stagnation, and overcome their obstacles and imperfections. This process leads to a positive shift in their lives, fostering a more fulfilling, vibrant, and healthier existence. Consequently, this personal transformation contributes to the enhancement of humanity and plays a role in healing our world.

As some of you might know I have experienced probably the most important event in my lifetime. Testimonial is HERE:

As a special celebration

I want to invite you to come to Tulum Quintana Roo. Mexico

Dates are open whenever you may come during 2023 and 2024

Allow yourself a transcendental quantum leap to a better life.

This will be a portal that remains etched in your memory, perhaps, like it has been for me and numerous others, one of the most pivotal events in your lifetime. The extent to which you choose to derive value from this opportunity is within your control.

I would suggest you come for the full week.

Within that timeframe, you can engage in thorough preparation, setting the stage for a potent, transcendental, and life-changing experience. Throughout three sessions, you can undergo the complete Kambo deep detox, followed by the option to participate in one or two sessions of Bufo. The process concludes with a thoughtful integration phase.

Can't come for the full week?

You can still come for three, four, or five days, and even for one or two. Keep in mind you need at least one full day in peace before you can travel back home.

You can configure these experiences as the means of your quest, time, and resources. For example: - You may come for only a few days, to do one kambo and one Bufo. - You may come only one day to do one Bufo ceremony. - Three days for the full Kambo treatment. -Three days, for two Bufo ceremonies. Etc.

We can schedule a video call and collaborate to determine what suits you best.


You will have a one-on-one session to prepare for your experience. During this session, we will discuss your reasons, your quest, and your expectations. We will provide you with all the information you need to enter into and make the most out of your Bufo therapy.


Engaging in a powerful and profound detox and immune system enhancement therapy with Kambo, a medicine from the rainforests, is an ideal preparation for the Bufo experience. Within one week, you have the option to undergo two Bufo ceremonies, but the choice is ultimately yours. Learn more HERE

Bufo ceremony

For some individuals, one ceremony proves sufficient, while others may find that two ceremonies are beneficial. The initial ceremony often serves as a learning experience, allowing individuals to surrender to the process. The second ceremony provides an opportunity to fully immerse themselves, solidify understanding, and deepen their specific healing journey. The decision to have a second ceremony can be made on-site after the initial experience, as it is through this approach that participants often extract the maximum benefits from this consciousness portal. In any case, if a second ceremony is chosen, it typically takes place the following day. Learn more HERE


The day following the completion of your Bufo ceremonies, we will conduct an integration session. This session is designed to help you ground and comprehend how to practically apply the insights gained into your everyday life. Initiating the adventure of self-improvement and enhancing the quality of your life will be a focal point during this crucial aspect of Bufo therapy.

Our work during this phase will be conducted in a natural setting, harmonizing with and drawing from the energies of nature.

Bufo is a medicine that finds you.

Among the millions of people in the world, you have received this invitation, a privilege extended to very few.

Do you hear the Bufo call?

If you are interested, please reach out to me for more details and to secure your spot.

Our space is limited, and we can only accommodate a select number of participants at a time.

I trust that this may be the portal you have been seeking. It would be my honor to work with you and serve you on this journey.



Bufo Therapy


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