A series of powerful tools and techniques to work on yourself at your own pace.

Explore, understand and transcend your personal limitations and way of living.


Some people have a complex life and that avoids them from participating in our live or distance guided workshops.


Even tho, they still have interest to work on their inner growth with the tools we offer, at their own pace inside their possibilities.

This is why we offer self-learning modules that open the

door to work by your own.



Begin when you like

Duration: Work at your pace

Experiential workshop to explore by yourself

Work modules to advance at your own pace

Registration Deadline:

It's up to you


Space Limited to: Yourself






To work without a guide, in solitary is very difficult, it requires of discipline and responsibility, a capacity to make n unbreakable commitments with yourself. if you don´t count with these elements we frankly don't recommend to embark in this alternative, especially if you are living a life with many commitments or distractions.


Self-learning modules can be taken together as a spherical unit, which is the complete "Tribe Workshop" we also offer in modules containing defined areas. This modules can also be done separately if there is interest in exploring only certain areas.




Our self learning proposal is the "TRIBE WORKSHOP" which we offer as distance guided work via Internet, but in a lone warrior version. This work is designed to be done inside the participant's everyday's life as a work place, the problems wished to be solved are happening right there, you can't find better gym to address them.


The difference in the self-learning format is that you don´t work with a group or coordinators. You  decide how much you want, or can work, your set your own deadline dates to finish your work plans. The sets of instructions we deliver are a suggested map to complete each module in three months; the full workshop in one year long, but the self-learning frame opens the possibility to use time freely, and adapt it the way it best fits the participant's schedules. You might be able to complete it in less time, but you might want to take longer.


If you are not interested in the full set of four modules, you can also choose the modules you are interested in as separated units as you might only have interest in one, or two subjects.


If at any moment you  need help, you can schedule a session with a coordinator to work together by video conferencing, or phone. This service has a cost per hour. Booking has to be made with anticipation​.





  • Stalking Oneself

  • Saving Energy

  • Strategy Redirecting





  • Recapitulation Lists

  • Recapitulation Box

  • Liberated Acts




  • Relationship Healing

  • Energy Sanitation

  • Personal Not-doings



  • Phisical Health

  • Eneretic Preparation

  • Vision Quest



Toltec knowledge is a spherical unit that can be better understood by separating it in themes.

During the workshops we explore special exercises, and techniques that bring awareness about each subject, each activity contains several elements together. Only through direct experience is that this profound consciousness tools are understood, the crystalline and silent awareness that only arrives this way. Eventually all the apparently separated parts are understood in the way they are all part of each other, and then become a unit.

Recover Asleep Parts of the Own Awareness: 

     Rescuing forgotten parts, or still hidden areas of consciousness and reach the human

     potential that comes interacting with nature.


Special Attention Management:

     Techniques and procedures to re-direct, and guide your attention in the

     most efficient ways.


Energy Saving: 

     Tools and specialized actions to learn how to stop wasting energy, saving it and redirecting

     in in more efficient and healthier ways.


Warrior Attitude: 

     Fundamental foundation for success, to manifest the deepest wishes of the heart

     into realities. Learn how special efforts are the paths to transcend beyond personal limits,

     to access and awaken your full potential still asleep.


Connect with the Powers of Nature: 

     Open a lucid relationship with the "Poderios"

     (Conscious elements and forces that form life)


Connect with Power Places: 

     Work with the consciousness and energy of special places, as a support for personal

     betterment. Learn to be catapulted by their high energy. Establish lasting connections

     with Nature that will remain alive from that moment on.

Group Coexistence:

     Selfish behavior is avoided by helping others, while receiving help as well;

     fundamental in the battle against the ego.  This is a constant dynamic we explore and work

     with during every of our workshops.

Recovering Inner Balance:

     A foundation for a healthy personality.  Learn to stalk yourself, discover and be aware,

     of how much energy things need, how much is wasted in unnecessary things, and how to

     act in an efficient and healthy way. Find the ways to use only the necessary amount of

     time, and energy, each thing requires, no less, no more.

     This balance is known as the art of impeccability.


     Deep cleansing and ordering of personal history, restructuring the way energy was used

     along personal history. A technique to recover wasted energy, and to disassemble made up

     stories from the  past, that shaped and trapped the individual in the mold of personality,

     and producing suffering and energy leaks


Ego's Deconstructing:

     The deep understanding of the ego's mechanisms, and routines, teaches to loosen it' s

     structure and eradicate inner pain. Learning how to stalk it (sharp self observation),

     transform the challenge into a map to transcend oneself, by what is learned from it, 

     instead of assuming it's a negative part of your mind. In such fashion it's the best teacher

     you can find to transcend the actual state.


Strategy Design: 

     Learn to design strategies, and action plans; purposeful acts to create the needed reality

     and consequences. Awaken your conscious creativity.


Work with Nature: 

     Connection with the spirit of life, the relationship of it all with yourself, a guide to be able

     to achieve objectives. Make real commitments in fromt of life to work on your betterment

     knowing once made the only choice you have to to make them real.

Spiritual Connection:

     The work is permanently rooted with life forces; with Grandfather Fire, Mother Earth,

     Mother Water, Mountains, Forests, Brother Trees, Animals and group companions;

     with the essence of life in general.


Enjoying the Moment: 

     Last but not least important, to enjoy and find oneself in deep and joyful ways with oneself,

     with the beauty and power of unique and magical moments, with nature, other people and

     opportunities to exist, and this way and try to incorporate it in your everyday life.

​This happens while traveling through places full of magic,

hidden from the eyes of the common visitor.



If you are tired of the inertia of your routines, the repetitive prison of the intellect (ego) and its emotional weight, and you don't want to waste more life time, and energy in there. If you are thirsty for freedom, knowing you are going to die at some point, but you want to enjoy your life, and developed yourself as far as you could possibly go.

Then this could very well be a good set of tools for your development and transcendence.

    What the workshops are useful for:


  • Get out of a crisis, and use it to catapult your success.

  • Change habits, and leave wasting routines behind. To finish with addictions.

  • Learn how to use your time and energy more efficiently. Save, and redirect your energy.

  • Heal your past; forgive yourself and others. Clean your relationships. Detach to move forward.

  • Re-direct your life to a better direction. Find healthier, and happier ways to live, and relate to others.

  • Awaken consciousness and lucidity. Begin walking a path with a heart.

  • Explore into a profound consciousness and lucidity, that will make your life experience rich and purposeful.

  • Build a spiritual relationship with yourself, and life.

  • Learn the art of the Path Of The Heart.

The workshops give access to learn and have direct experience on the most practical Toltec tools and techniques, to work on the self. You can teach yourself specialized ways of acting, and open portals to freedom that hardly close again. Explore yourself in detail, create the changes you need, based on your own conscious takeovers, manifest your dreams, and heart wishes into realities through special purposeful actions, find the courage and strength to walk the path towards personal freedom.

Finally, we all face death alone, in that unavoidable portal, it will be important to be standing on a solid consciousness, to face the portal to total freedom, in the best attitude possible, as lucid, and impeccable, as our personal power allows us. 


If any of this resonates with you, then this work may be useful for you.



If you prefer to work with coordinators to support your work, and the feedback and strength that comes from a group of people working in the same themes, you can consider this option instead.





Our most complete profound and powerful workshop/journey, where we have carefully selected the nest techniques and tools from the Toltec world and vanguard psychology to advance the fastest possible. After this work your life will never be the same. A portal to personal transcendence.

TRIBE CLOSING (Optional) The perfect way to close the year Tribe Workshop. Finish digesting, clear out any doubts, test the things you learned.

Prepare yourself to begin a healthier and new way of living. Begin a Path with a Heart.