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The pilgrimage invites to a journey through your personal history, mind, feelings, and energy.

Useful to close and open cycles, clean blockages, heal the past, forgive, open consciousness

portals. Work designed to experience a lucid dialogue with life though purposeful actions.


21 March to 21 of April 2020

Duration: 30 Days in Two Stages.

1.) Cleansing and Empowerment March 21 - April 05

2.)  The Vision Quest Pilgrimage   April 06 - 21

Registration Deadline:  15 February 2020


Space Limited to: 14 people



T H E   J O U R N E Y

A pilgrimage in Mexico, five states and though four thousand kilometers,

visiting ten special natural, and prehispanic power places.


Along this journey we explore and work with a series of indigenous practices; sensing exercises, cleansing ceremonies, specialized attention and energy management techniques, like: non-doings, the warrior attitude, facing challenges, transcending limits, the freedom quest. 

A very important aspect we develop during the workshop is recovering, or opening connections with Nature and its "Poderios" (Conscious Powers) The elements that conform nature and make life possible.  

The invitation to build a lucid solid foundation for consciousness.


The journey is the route where we pass by several doors, or gates that are found in nature; "portals" where we do special works, places that are on the world, but as well and more important, they are inside of ourselves. 


The pilgrimage is a double journey; on the visible side it happens on the world, but in parallel it´s an inner pilgrimage that takes the individual beyond the limits which contain the person and it´s daily routines, it's a trip of transcendence that aims toward self consciousness and lucidity.


In every place and its particular energy we will work with different indigenous exercises, techniques, and procedures, connecting with nature though her many faces; rivers, cascades, jungle, mountains, forests, a volcano, caves, and underground rivers.


Finally we will arrive to the desert as ending point, where thanks to the previous preparation each participant will be ready to work in The Vision Quest as the culminant event of this pilgrimage to mystery.


This workshop's objective is to be prepared to be able to intent a Vision Quest,  thanks to this possible revelation the participant will be able to see which are the next steps to follow in life; and for some, even something as important as the direction that has been searched for so long, the real sense and mission for being alive on this marvelous world.



  • For different reasons some people can make the first part one year, and the second part the following year.
    If you can, make the full workshop in one journey to get the full experience and benefits together.

  • If you have not made the first part, you cannot make the second part, as many indispensable elements to assimilate your experience would be missing, and you would not get the most out of it.

Those who made it separate, say they would have prefered to do it all at once, and recommend doing it all together.

Read the testimonials of those who have embarked in this journey. HERE


  • Reconnect with the own self and with nature, with the "Poderíos" that hold life in place.

  • Recover lost consciousness, awaken lucidity and still asleep awareness to apply it in a practical way.

  • To interact and share with people in a healthy  and unstructured way in a different and healthy way, working as a team in a mutual help basis.

  • To know yourself in the mirror of others and this way to be able to retake and cleanse the relationships with important people in life.

  • To cleanse what has adhered along life and has   brought as a result pain, sadness and weight  that avoids to advance a clean and powerful path from a lighter and clear perspective.

  • Design and integrate new possibilities on everyday life; to decipher how to create a path with a Heart and walk it.

  • To intent with purposeful actions to be a better person. Learn to manifest better realities though directed actions.

  • To pilgrimage with the warrior attitude; to rehearsal it as a success tool in life.
    No matter how difficult it is, its just a challenge to be solved with a smile in a joyful way.

  • To recapitulate the most important events in life those that don't allow to change, to bring heath to your mental, emotional and energetic past.

  • To disassemble vicious routines; physical, emotional, and mental addictions, the cleansing of everyday life add ups.

  • An integral preparation to be in situation to live a retreat by yourself and intent a Vision Quest.

  • To begin a new way of living after The Vision Quest, designing action plans to follow, making freedom commitments with yourself and with the Great Spirit of Life.



Toltec knowledge is a spherical unit that can be better understood by separating it in themes.

During the workshops we explore special exercises and techniques, that bring this awareness, each activity contains several elements together. Only through direct experience is that this profound consciousness tools are understood, the crystalline and silent awareness that only arrives this way.

Recover Asleep Parts of the Own Awareness: 

     Rescuing forgotten parts, or still hidden areas of consciousness and reach the human

     potential that comes interacting with nature.


Special Attention Management:

     Techniques and procedures to re-direct, and guide your attention in the

     most efficient ways.


Energy Saving: 

     Tools and specialized actions to learn how to stop wasting energy, saving it and redirecting

     in in more efficient and healthier ways.


Warrior Attitude: 

     Fundamental foundation for success, to manifest the deepest wishes of the heart

     into realities. Learn how special efforts are the paths to transcend beyond personal limits,

     to access and awaken your full potential still asleep.


Connect with the Powers of Nature: 

     Open a lucid relationship with the "Poderios"

     (Conscious elements and forces that form life)


Connect with Power Places: 

     Work with the consciousness and energy of special places, as a support for personal

     betterment. Learn to be catapulted by their high energy. Establish lasting connections

     with Nature that will remain alive from that moment on.

Group Coexistence:

     Selfish behavior is avoided by helping others, while receiving help as well;

     fundamental in the battle against the ego.  This is a constant dynamic we explore and work

     with during every of our workshops.

Recovering Inner Balance:

     A foundation for a healthy personality.  Learn to stalk yourself, discover and be aware,

     of how much energy things need, how much is wasted in unnecessary things, and how to

     act in an efficient and healthy way. Find the ways to use only the necessary amount of

     time, and energy, each thing requires, no less, no more.

     This balance is known as the art of impeccability.


     Deep cleansing and ordering of personal history, restructuring the way energy was used

     along personal history. A technique to recover wasted energy, and to disassemble made up

     stories from the  past, that shaped and trapped the individual in the mold of personality,

     and producing suffering and energy leaks


Ego's Deconstructing:

     The deep understanding of the ego's mechanisms, and routines, teaches to loosen it' s

     structure and eradicate inner pain. Learning how to stalk it (sharp self observation),

     transform the challenge into a map to transcend oneself, by what is learned from it, 

     instead of assuming it's a negative part of your mind. In such fashion it's the best teacher

     you can find to transcend the actual state.


Strategy Design: 

     Learn to design strategies, and action plans; purposeful acts to create the needed reality

     and consequences. Awaken your conscious creativity.


Work with Nature: 

     Connection with the spirit of life, the relationship of it all with yourself, a guide to be able

     to achieve objectives. Make real commitments in fromt of life to work on your betterment

     knowing once made the only choice you have to to make them real.

Spiritual Connection:

     The work is permanently rooted with life forces; with Grandfather Fire, Mother Earth,

     Mother Water, Mountains, Forests, Brother Trees, Animals and group companions;

     with the essence of life in general.


Enjoying the Moment: 

     Last but not least important, to enjoy and find oneself in deep and joyful ways with oneself,

     with the beauty and power of unique and magical moments, with nature, other people and

     opportunities to exist, and this way and try to incorporate it in your everyday life.

​This happens while traveling through places full of magic,

hidden from the eyes of the common visitor.




It's an experience that has been present in many indigenous cultures in the world along humankind history, and has characterized itself for the closeness to the Spirit, and for the conservation of these traditions expressing that closeness. 

The Vision Quest is an old practice among people of shamanic traditions in the entire world along history. It is carried out in many different ways and it varies according to the cultural background of the seeker In every case the basic element is the insulation in the wilderness from one to several days, frequently including fasting, chants, dances and prayers, made with the intention to call upon the Great Spirit so that he brings to us the Vision that will guide our life from that moment on. 


Our work is rooted in the surviving Toltec tradition, which can perfectly be applied to people of the modern world being successful into human development.


The Vision Quest is a transition rite that marks the end of an epoch in life and the beginning of a new one; it’s a Death and Rebirth rite. Like it´s name points to it's about seeking for an important Vision into your life’s path, the vision about which is the real path you must follow in your existence, what direction should you walk towards mystery of the Spirit during the rest of your life. Who is it that you really have to be inside this wonderful life; which one is your real Path with a Heart. 


The Vision Quest is a solitary retreat. After a special preparation, the vision seeker retires away from his world to enter alone into a place in wilderness (desert or mountain) while fasting for a few days, penetrating into attention states that allow a deep encounter with the own Spirit (silent knowledge) and with the Great Spirit that surrounds us, stalks us and invites us every moment. From this encounter it´s that the Real Vision comes from, the one that will be able to enlighten your path and transform your life.  With this profound practice, an initiation to an awakening, and to a higher state of consciousness is searched.


Those called to this appointment receive the invitation somehow. It’s a call that life makes  to you, and a change omen

It’s up to you, to figure out when, and how you are going to respond to this call.




Alessio Pedrotti,

Trento, Italy 


      "Clarity… is the Word that can best resume the deepest meaning that the pilgrimage has for me.
It was a journey though sacred places, where the possibility to make a very deep contact with the spirit is revealed.

The pilgrimage develops on a path that at times is difficult and where you have to find inside yourself the strength of your heart, in the pilgrimage you can see your physical limits and discover that the body can handle it. You discover a great deal of strength you never imagined to have.

Each day was a very deep journey within me, and to arrive to the desert was not only a wish come true, but a real possibility to approach a very antique and effective form of power.

The days, weeks and months that came after the pilgrimage have been important in the process of purification and the guide is still alive.
Every day I realize that many emotional mechanisms have changed, as well as my perception; I feel freer and at the same time I see several things that I want to change in my person.

My relationship with nature after the pilgrimage is more powerful."

- Alessio Pedrotti,

   Trento, Italy 2011


Ashonda Davenport,

Brooklyn, NY, USA 

2015 -2017

      "Consciousness Work: The most important undertaking in which I can embark. Essential to my life and for the benefit of all I come into contact with and for Mother Earth. What greater gift can I give back to Life then my best efforts, my best self?


It seems that all my spiritual paths and processes have been in preparation for this Vision Quest. My extraordinary guides: Mario, a very kind, very no-nonsense, very wise teacher; and Rocio, a very gentle and loving, intuitive soul. They’ve helped me to make excellent use of ancient Toltec wisdom & tools (as well as contemporary therapeutic modalities) with practical applications for my life.  


Being in nature has always felt like a healing balm. I wanted to deepen in this and learn the potent ways that Indigenous people have connected to and healed with nature for millennia. Mario and Rocio have taught me how to commune with my Mother Earth, my Mother Water, my Grandfather Fire, my Brother Trees my Grandmother Death and more!  They have taken me to places in Mexico that I only imagined could have been the creation of PhotoShop until I saw with my own eyes!  What a gorgeous country! (With delicious food!)


There is a huge difference between knowing spiritual concepts intellectually, and feeling them experientially. It was through one of their exercises in an Alpine forest, that I was able to get in touch with the silence that is my Spirit. And I had the realization that my intuition was the way It has always been communicating with me. This happened through earnest communion with nature. As it just so happens that the same Spirit in nature is in me.


In the same way that our bodies can store traumatic events, through the Vision Quest I learned that our bodies can store POWERFUL experiences that help us move forward in our lives. Through one of the exercises in a jungle, I had the experience of completely shutting out fearful thoughts, rendering me fearless. I now have a pragmatic understanding of what it is like to not allow fearful thoughts to take over my mind and control me. I was able to enjoy testing this out when I received a hug from a spider - formerly my greatest fear!  And for the 1st time in my life I flew home on a airplane relaxing, not allowing myself to indulge in what was once incessant, worrisome thinking.


And maybe most importantly, I uncovered my greatest blockage to my potential while walking up a beautiful volcano. “To learn to walk, is to learn to live.”  This trip showed me where I am, and now I’m ready to become who I really want to be - one step at a time, one foot in front of the other, just like the volcano taught me!


I liken the Vision Quest to “warrior bootcamp” where I’m able to get the training necessary to face the battles in life.  And since the inertia of my personal trials is very strong, I’m continuing to work with Mario & Rocio in their virtual Tribal Workshop. With their guidance and support, I’m strategically organizing my life in a way where I’m building and saving energy, and using Toltec tools to continue to heal and grow.


I’m filled with gratitude. Thank you to Life for blessing me with these people, these experiences, and these tools."


<3 <3 <3

- Ashonda Davenport

   Brooklyn, NY, USA 2017

Elias Siebenborn,

Berlin, Germany

2005 - 2013

     "It was one of the most important things I've done in my life, and arriving there one of the most difficult since I found myself with great difficulties to take part on such a trip, and it seemed impossible. Nevertheless I knew it was a unique opportunity to do it and may be the last one. 

What I learned through this and what has been given to me by living this experience I cannot express.

Just arriving to the journey let me discover potential that I didn't know I had, and doors to myself and my mission in life opened.

It was not my first time but the third Vision Quest i made, but for a few years I didn't go. This does not mean that I was doing something that I already knew, because all work is in nature, and this always changes.


Doing exercises in nature like attention walks, open dialogue with elements, trees etc opens a tremendous and beautiful world, not only because of all the teaching, it´s because we somehow return back to our origin which heals and fills us with energy, and lets us re-discover what we have forgotten for our way of living in our so called occidental lifestyle. As our consciousness rises we can see our life from other perspective being in touch with such magic tools since they give us possibility to change and give us a new focus.

I could discover that we are really that harmony and balance that we see in nature. We have to know her in order to  know ourselves because it´s the silent mirror that doesn't confuse.

In an experience walking downhill to return to the spot we started. “Your life will be as your walk down” they say because this path has a very special symbolical meaning in the Wirrarika culture, a fact which I can affirm due past experiences.  It was difficult because I felt so great I wanted to go very fast, wanted to fly, but seeing that others of the group were not feeling this I got frustrated. But intending to apply the advice I changed my attitude, left aside my egoism and acted more pragmatic slowing down a bit, enjoying more the experience and most of all help a companion who had difficult to keep up speed with the rest of the group. It was such a beautiful experience, and now I see that it is that faith, consciousness and way of being which is unfolding in my life now, like wings that let me fly now where before I was just stumbling. It might sound exaggerated, but it was a key experience. And yes, my life now is just like that walk.

I am proud and thankful having participated with my companions and want to do it again, and better with a certain frequency since I see it like a haven in which body and soul are recharged with consciousness experiencing depths of their origins, nature and its elements, before returning to open sea where all struggle takes place, and which we can only cross by keeping ourselves on our path."


Many thanks!"


- Elias Siebenborn

   Playa del Carmen, Mexico, 2012

Federica Furnari,

Torino, Italy

2003 - 2016

     "It´s very difficult to find words to describe something that has nothing to do with reason.

This trip though sacred places of all Mexico is THE TRIP inside oneself, it's the route to return home, the re-encounter with Mother Earth.

As time passes by, that memory becomes a dream, even throw is engraved in the body and the heart. The experiences lived in the pilgrimage have changed forever my way of perceiving reality and myself.

The woman that got out of her home with insecurity is not the same that returned.

What basically changed was my attitude in front of life, I cannot be the passive victim, I don't have time to waste in that drama. I have no other choice than choosing to grow and take care of myself.

The trip allowed me to observe my limits very closely, discover my flaws but also my virtues, learning how to use my energy in the most convenient way.

Even though I have not achieved anything, I got nowhere, I don´t know anything, because the journey never ends. I´m still on the intent of being better every day, because I have seen closely what I want to modify, what I like and what I don't want to be part of my life.

This walking was a beautiful walk and of indescribable learning, the most powerful I have experienced in my life, next to the fact of giving birth. Now, here from my home, in my life, I realize that the journey never ends, the pilgrimage continues until time is over. Then it's just here and now that I don't have time to complain and drama, for judgment and anger, such as it happened in the pilgrimage. No doubt a huge challenge, the intent to live in such way.

The traveled places are marvelous, every place is magical and powerful. So marvelous are the surprises that appeared along the trip.


I thank infinitely Mario and Rocio for their service and unconditional love, for their honesty and for sharing their knowledge. I thank each component of the beautiful Tribe that was built by magic. Each one of you is a valuable mirror and a great teacher.


I thank my beloved Mother Earth for her love and infinite abundance, to the Water Haramara, universal medicine thanks to Tatewari, grandfather fire for listening, for helping me to be a better person, thanks to the Oxygen for flowing freely again though my lungs.


Thanks to Nina and Alberto for being my path companions, for being my biggest stimulus.

Thanks to all the warriors that walk tha path with a heart.

I have not found anything more important in my life than to intent do the same. Until now it´s the only thing that makes me enjoy each step."


- Federica Furnari

   Xico, Mexico 2012

Iris Ortner,

Bern, Switzerland


     "This journey truly changed the way I experience life.

It gifted me trust in my way, trust to be guided, the willingness to learn from everything I meet, humbleness towards mystery, knowing it was too big to be ever understood by mind.


It learned me to listen to the silent whispers of intuition, the wonder of being amazed like a kid again and to love life deeper.

Mario and Rocio are the most modest and caring guides I ever met, knowing they are not perfect but have so much to give.

They do this work not for profit but from deep within their heart.
It was a truly unforgettable journey, full of fun, challenge, depth and miracles."

- Iris Ortner,

   Switzerland, 2014

Jorge Rodriguez Faz

Ciudad Reynosa,

Mexico 2013

     "I did this quest in two parts because of work and personal reasons, but I think it´s better to do it all at once, even when that is how it was for me and it was fine anyway.

Since the first moment you arrive you begin learning things, and to remember others and to feel each day more identified and twinned with each of the participants including Mario and Rocio.


It is a very profound journey and requires of a great physical and mental effort, but at the same time it's very enriching, as you impenetrate more intimately with nature, understanding it, feeling it and enjoying it.


It is a journey trough very powerful and beautiful places where you go learning, facing challenges, overcoming obstacles, realizing that you can move your limits, therefore it's a great journey to your insights, where you discover many things, and many portals, in that moment and after remembering and recapitulating, you learn to save energy getting rid of useless "stones".

I believe that the great teaching for me was never to underestimate anything, on top of all stalking, attention, to pay attention to everything you do in life, that is to live that moment, when you manage that, there is no way to fail, and you feel the simple joy of being, then clarity and detachment arrive.


Of course that it's needed to keep on working, so that those moments happen more often and last more, remembering always that the slightest carelessness the ego hits you.


This workshop changed my life, and by own will, once this path is begun, there is no way back."


- Jorge Rodríguez Faz

   Ciudad Reynosa, México 2013


JoAnn Cannon

California, USA 


     "For both the inner spirit and also ego with which my body came into the world, this pilgrimage and vision quest was perhaps the most profound, useful and also difficult experience of my life! 


It was not just that these unique undertakings were held in such places

of beauty that my heart sang, or the requirement of courage to trust the un-knowingness of what was to come next, or standing witness to my companions actions/words during delightful and intense moments,

…..But the sheer unexpected unfolding of my own consciousness that resulted from being under the expert, generous tutelage of Mario and Rocio’s understanding and use of Toltec tools.

It is astounding good fortune for anyone to have this pilgrimage vision quest opportunity presented. It is an even greater boon to undertake such a sojourn and be open to the many portals that Mystery will offer."


- JoAnn Cannon

   California, USA 2014


Judi Merril

California, USA 

2016 -2017

     "I’ve never traveled by myself let alone out of the country. Then in March 2016 and again in 2017 off I went on the Pilgrimage and Vision Quest (yes two years in a row and a desire to go again, the workshop is that profound).


If you're looking for awareness, a renewed passion for life, insight into who you REALLY are, reconnecting with nature, with spirit, with life or tools for personal change, healing and freedom these are all gifts the Pilgrimage and Vision Quest gave me as I walked it's path.


If you think it's too late for change or that you're too old, think again. I will be 64 next month. You say you're not in good enough shape? I led a completely sedentary life style for over fifteen years. Still have concerns or doubts? Contact Mario for honest straightforward feedback.


What was my experience?

•   I experienced new mentally and physically challenging situations which opened discoveries of my strengths, virtues, limitations and more.

•   I reconnected with my creativity.

•   I passed personal limits I would never have considered myself capable of.

•   I  faced fears being rewarded with a heightened level of trust in myself and others.

•   I gained a new sense of freedom and confidence in my capabilities while also looking straight on at parts of me I'm not proud of and now have the tools to change.

•   I experienced. I visited nature. I reconnected with life in a way that has touched me to my core.

•   I gained an undeniable awareness of my absolute need for change and the courage, tools and support to start making them.

•   As a side benefit? I returned with a glow and in better shape than I’ve ever been in years.


To assure I continue to progress in awareness, growth and healing I joined the Tribe workshop.


This pilgrimage brings you hope, it's facilitators a sense of safety, acceptance and unconditional loving support.

If you have the desire, you CAN do this!

- Judi Merril,

   California USA 2017


Laura Rice

Minneapolis, USA 2011

     "This trip was an incredible journey that I craved to my very core, so I could remember, even for a moment why I am here. I have known and read so many things but kept the knowledge as a shield.

This trip got me to shift out of my outer layer of just living and remember how to "BE". We were taken to so many powerful places with such powerful experiences, by 2 very compassionate & powerful people. Mario and Rocio were like guardian angels on a road that was laden with a lifetime of crusted layers of my habitual resistances.

This journey brought forth my deepest fears: "Will I ever be happy?" Will I ever understand?" This journey released the Kraken & the Monster became my ally & this life became my dream.

I'm in my power and I would go anywhere with them again to the highest mountain, and to the deepest caves."

- Laura Hanora Bird Song Rice,

    Minneapolis United States 2011

Teol Evans

Sligo, Ireland

2010 - 2017

     "Doing the Pilgrimage and Vision Quest three times with you both I learned the most amazing "exercises" to release the old traumas and injuries that have been piling up in me, and at the same time having very deep physical body work to facilitate the releases. I'm remembering and reliving some deep stuff. it's brilliant but difficult and tiring at times. I've climbed back up the cliff I fell off.

I thought that I was in touch with nature; that I appreciated & respected nature; that I had a good understanding of nature. But now thanks to the work we did together in Nature I see and learned that NATURE is so much more than I thought it was!

Life is perfect. I am the author/creator of my own story. I created the cancer diagnosis. It's part of my Soul Path, a wake-up call to shake me out of my complacency and to embrace the unknown.

I'm feeling good about myself, probably happier with life than I have been for a while.

When I returned from Mexico this time I have been doing a lot of work on all aspects of my being-spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Lately I am being more honest with myself; looking deeper into myself why and how I do things; having clarity.

Thank you both for everything. It was so nice to just spend time together. You are wonderful Beings. I love you two and I care deeply about you.

Warm hugs and love."

- Teol Evans

   Sligo, Ireland 2017

  - Teol Evans RIP 02 Jul 2017 -


Therese Bowler

Ontario, Canada


     "I was overwhelmed by the intoxicating beauty of Mexico, and realize that I would never be able to experience such places, if it were not for this journey guided by Mario and Rocio, who are both remarkable human beings with a profound connection to Spirit.

The month long pilgrimage is best summed up by the Wirrarika Saying, “Learn to Walk, Learn to Live”.


The journey was both inward and outward and required attention to the very moment we were in.


This is very powerful, because our minds seek distraction and escape from the present moment, especially when the body is being physically challenged.

This journey requires real attention in order to be energized by the poderios with which we communed. The “Attention Walks” took us to some of the most beautiful places Mother Earth has to offer – truly spectacular caves, healing waterfalls, ancient jungles, magical mountains and the intensity of the desert.

Though each of us was journeying for our own reasons, sharing and listening to each other allowed both compassion and understanding to be fostered throughout the pilgrimage.


I am grateful for the depth of experience I had, for the opportunity to observe my ego at work in a variety of conditions, and for the challenging work at staying conscious not just on this pilgrimage, but in each day of life.


If you are considering this journey, I wish you an open heart and strength in mind, body and Spirit.

It will be a journey like no other you will ever take in life!

In Lak’esh,"


- Therese Bowler

   Ontario, Canada 2011


Nabilah Allybokus



     "I have had a good month to collect my thoughts following The Don Juan Pilgrimage and if you feel inclined to go on this trip then don’t hesitate, just do it.

Mario and Rocio are trustworthy individuals and leaders who will support and help you whatever your aims are for this journey. Even if you feel, like I did, that you had little “reason” for doing this, then you may well stand corrected. Part of this journey is understanding the “spirit” – it’s omniscience and relevance to our lives and helping us to re-synchronize with nature.

Many aspects of this expedition are ineffable; experiences so breathtaking and incredible that words do little justice. This trip may be better suited if you are dealing with strong issues in your life or with yourself and are looking for methods of healing and restoration. But don’t let that hinder you if you’re not.

The moments you encounter will nonetheless help you understand more about yourself. The excursions can be demanding on your body and mind but the aim is to strengthen you in the process.

I apologize if this does not sound very tactile or helpful but be prepared to want to explore, struggle, connect and heal. All experiences are of course subjective but if you select this journey it will be unforgettable."

- Nabilah Allybokus,

   London, England 2011


Vadim Nemetskiy

Siberia, Rusia


     "Let me start my testimonial with a quote from Paulo Coelho: "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it".


If you're seeking spiritual awakening and development, I can't think of a better way to make your statement of intent in a more loud and clear manner than going on this Pilgrimage with Mario and Rocio. This will be an adventure of your life. Guaranteed!

Like many other people on the Path, I consumed tons of spiritual books and inspirational movies, attended multiple weekend retreats and workshops, dabbled with various divination teachings and modalities. It was OK for a few years but at some point all of these activities stopped doing it for me. I was hungrier and more eager than ever to go for a deep dive into real spiritual work, not some surface scratching. In fact, I developed a significant intolerance to anything New Age related. It was like spiritual fast food, fake and not nourishing.

As they say, when the student is ready the Universe will open the right doors and provide the required guidance along the way. This is how I learned about the  pilgrimage in Mexico (an "accidental" tip from a friend).

The moment I saw the program description I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. Two short months later I was crossing the jungle, climbing  mountains, navigating caves and desert with a group of other spiritual warriors who became my brothers-and-sisters-in-arms on the path to Freedom.

If you want to explore yourself and the world around you, stalk and confront your ego, reach and push your limits, overcome your fears and acquire new strengths - then this is the program for you.


But beware that this undertaking requires a major resolve and total commitment from each participant. Otherwise, it's going to be a lot of pain without much gain, if you know what I mean.

Should you decide to go ahead and sign up for the Pilgrimage, good luck and be prepared for a life changing experience!"


- Vadim Nemetskiy

   New York City, USA 2014

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