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When parallel lives lose  harmony and crash in different aspects,

if there is still a spark alive it can be healed and recovered.



Work available only under request

In private or semi-private format


Depending on the problematic to solve


Mexico - Other Countries - Online

Space Limited to:

From one to four couples






Healing of relationships and exploration of different ways of coexistence.

To transcend stagnation and harmful routines. 


This work is for couples that are going though difficult moments that separate them, and distorts communication and the relation. Before ending a relationship, it's still possible to intent a rescue, if there is still affection, and the desire to continue. If there is already a good relationship it can still get better with the appropriate tools.


For a group not bigger than ten couples. The ideal is to work in a group since feedback of others is very useful for this type of dynamics.


Only a couple can also do the work in private format, if they don´t wish to share with people their problematic. Yet it is harder to advance this way. Or if there is the need to work but there is no group.


It is vital that the participants are in disposition to work, with an open mind, and willing to stop and let go being centered as victims and, or, blaming the other.

An invitation and proposal to an intelligent way of solving issues, based on conscious love, instead of power games.


Duration: Depends on the problematic to solve.


  • Deepen on the self.

  • Work on broadening consciousness.

  • Build a sensible relationship with the essence of life.

  • Spiritual development.

  • Profound Self-exploration.

  • Couple relationships and sexuality.

  • To cohere, re-encounter, to forgive.

  • To process grief, a divorce, or a loss.

  • To get out of a crisis.

  • Coaching in a difficult project.

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