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Con Ciencia Indígena
Con Ciencia Indígena
Con Ciencia Indígena
Con Ciencia Indígena
Con Ciencia Indígena
Con Ciencia Indígena
Con Ciencia Indígena
Con Ciencia Indígena
Con Ciencia Indígena
Con Ciencia Indígena


This workshop is a gathering of the most efficient tools and techniques from Mexican indigenous knowledge that allow creating new and better ways to live through purposeful acts based on self consciousness.

NEXT DATE 2025 - 2026

March 21
Duration: One full year

Human Development Extensive Workshop
A compilation of the best Toltec Techniques

Distance Guided Via Internet

Registration Deadline: March 10

Early Bird 10% OFF before February 21

Special Surprise  50% OFF if you register another person before February 21


Space is Limited to 14 People



The Tribe Workshop was born from the frequent requests of people who worked with us and wanted to continue their inner quest, exploring and developing their consciousness.

It was also created for people who heard of our workshops but could not travel to have the live experience, this way the work is still accessible, without distance avoiding the possibility of working and experiencing it.

To continue working with people who had already done workshops with us the main obstacle was the enormous difficulty in synchronizing with folks in other countries, in time and resources, and traveling to Mexico, or another country, to make a workshop together. This work was born, using the Internet as a contact tool, and forming work groups, even when the participants lived in different countries.

* Note: We pioneered this many years ago when working through

the Internet was like a sci-fi novelty!




The uniqueness of this workshop lies in its integration into everyday life, presenting a valuable opportunity as it directly addresses real challenges and problems. It serves as a detailed full-body mirror and an unparalleled gym for personal development.

The issues causing conflict and distress in your life are precisely where you reside.

This workshop is adaptable to various lifestyles, whether you're working, studying, managing a household, running a business, parenting, in a relationship, or solo. It's even feasible while traveling the world during a sabbatical year.

While not claiming to be effortless, the workshop demands a dedicated time investment. It involves delving into unfamiliar or overlooked areas of yourself, fostering awareness, and consciously initiating changes. The goal is to transform routines and habits into healthier ones, a challenging process requiring effort, love, and responsible discipline.

Participants gain insights into powerful tools for self-reinvention, crafting a healthier life, and unlocking pathways to freedom. It's an invitation to learn how to navigate a Path with a Heart.

Working in small groups ensures each participant receives dedicated attention and support for their individual quests, challenges, and processes.

In essence, this workshop proposes and invites individuals to design and manifest an efficient and marvelous life project.




The workshop is organized in four modules, of three months each. 

Plus one more month to close with a Vision Quest in Mexico. (optional) 

This order makes it simpler to work; it's easier to settle short term goals, such as one week, one month, that once added will give midterm goals such as a three months module, that once added with other modules aims towards a bigger objective to be completed in one year.



Instructions are sent once a month

Some instructions require work complements during the month.

Every end of month

The participants send work reports, and self evaluations. 

Once a week, or every two weeks

We have a videoconference group meeting; to comment, exchange work findings and experiences, ask questions, and get answers, opinions, and general feedback.

Participants have permanent support
Any day of the year, via e-mail, messenger, Whatsapp, 
video call, or phone call.





  • Stalking Oneself

  • Saving Energy

  • Strategy Redirecting





  • Recapitulation Lists

  • Recapitulation Box

  • Liberated Acts



Toltec knowledge is a comprehensive unit that can be better understood by exploring it through different themes.

During the workshops, we delve into specific exercises and techniques designed to increase awareness about each subject. Each activity incorporates several elements. It is only through direct experience that these profound tools of consciousness are truly understood, revealing a crystalline and silent awareness that can only be attained in this manner. Eventually, all the seemingly separate parts are understood in the context of their interconnectedness, forming a unified whole.

Recover Asleep Parts of the Own Awareness: 

Uncover forgotten or hidden realms of consciousness, rescuing neglected facets, and tap into the human potential that arises from interacting with nature.


Special Attention Management:

Explore techniques and procedures to efficiently redirect and guide your attention.


Energy Saving: 

Discover tools and specialized actions to learn how to cease wasting energy, save it, and redirect it in more efficient and healthier ways.


Warrior Attitude: 

The key foundation for success lies in transforming the deepest wishes of the heart into realities. Discover how special efforts pave the way to transcend personal limits, accessing and awakening your full potential even while still dormant.


Connect with the Powers of Nature: 

Open a lucid relationship with the "Poderios"

(Conscious elements and forces that form life)


Connect with Power Places: 

Engage with the consciousness and energy of special places, utilizing them as a foundation for personal betterment. Learn to be propelled by their high energy and establish enduring connections with nature that will persist from that moment onward

Group Coexistence:

Selfish behavior is mitigated by engaging in mutual assistance—both giving and receiving help—an essential element in the ongoing battle against the ego. This dynamic is a consistent focus that we explore and work with during each of our workshops.

Recovering Inner Balance:

     Establishing a foundation for a healthy personality involves learning to observe oneself. Discover and maintain awareness of the energy expended—how much is essential, how much is wasted on unnecessary things—and learn to act in an efficient and health-conscious manner. Strive to identify ways to allocate only the necessary amount of time and energy that each task or situation demands, finding a delicate balance known as the art of impeccability. Neither more nor less, but precisely what is required.


Engage in a profound cleansing and reorganization of personal history, reshaping the way energy has been utilized over time. Employ techniques to reclaim wasted energy and dismantle fabricated narratives from the past that have molded and confined individuals into particular personalities, resulting in suffering and energy leaks.


Ego's Deconstructing:

Gaining a profound comprehension of the mechanisms and routines of the ego instructs us on how to loosen its structure and eliminate inner pain. Learning to 'stalk' it through sharp self-observation allows us to transform challenges into maps for transcending ourselves. Rather than viewing it as a negative aspect of the mind, it becomes the best teacher one can find for transcending the current state.


Strategy Design: 

Acquire the skill of designing strategies and action plans—purposeful acts aimed at creating the desired reality and its corresponding consequences. Cultivate conscious creativity within yourself.


Work with Nature: 

Foster a connection with the spirit of life and recognize its relationship with yourself—a guiding principle to achieve objectives. Make genuine commitments to life, pledging to work towards self-improvement, understanding that once made, the only choice left is to bring them into reality.

Spiritual Connection:

The work is deeply connected to life forces, including Grandfather Fire, Mother Earth, Mother Water, Mountains, Forests, Brother Trees, Animals, and group companions—imbued with the essence of life in general


Enjoying the Moment: 

Last but certainly not least, it is crucial to relish and discover deep and joyful connections with oneself, embracing the beauty and power of unique and magical moments. This includes cherishing interactions with nature, other people, and the opportunities to exist—seeking to incorporate them into your everyday life.





  • Relationship Healing

  • Energy Sanitation

  • Personal Not-doings



  • Phisical Health

  • Eneretic Preparation

  • Vision Quest



If you find yourself weary of the inertia in your routines, trapped in the repetitive prison of the intellect (ego) with its emotional weight, and you no longer wish to squander precious time and energy in that space; if you thirst for freedom, acknowledging the inevitable reality of mortality but yearning to relish and develop your life to its fullest potential—then, this set of tools could indeed be instrumental for your development and transcendence

    What the workshops are useful for:


  • Get out of a crisis, and use it to catapult your success.

  • Change habits, and leave wasting routines behind. To finish with addictions.

  • Learn how to use your time and energy more efficiently. Save, and redirect your energy.

  • Heal your past; forgive yourself and others. Clean your relationships. Detach to move forward.

  • Re-direct your life to a better direction. Find healthier, and happier ways to live, and relate to others.

  • Awaken consciousness and lucidity. Begin walking a path with a heart.

  • Explore into a profound consciousness and lucidity, that will make your life experience rich and purposeful.

  • Build a spiritual relationship with yourself, and life.

  • Learn the art of the Path Of The Heart.

The workshops provide access to learning and direct experience with practical Toltec tools and techniques for self-work. Through these workshops, you can acquire specialized ways of acting, opening portals to freedom that are rarely closed again. Delve into a detailed exploration of yourself, initiate the changes you need through conscious takeovers, manifest your dreams, and turn heart wishes into realities through purposeful actions. Find the courage and strength to tread the path toward personal freedom.

In the end, we all confront death alone, at that inevitable portal. It becomes crucial to stand on a solid consciousness, facing the gateway to total freedom with the best possible attitude—lucid and impeccable, guided by the extent of our personal power.


If any of this resonates with you, then this work may be useful for you.





Crises are ways in which life communicates with us, clearly indicating that things no longer work as we had them structured

Various factors can trigger different types of crises, stemming from both external and internal situations that range from relatively mild to severe experiences. Undoubtedly, the way a crisis is experienced is subjective and varies from person to person.

Even during times of crisis at a societal level, these are essentially aggregates of individual experiences set in motion by a complex interplay of internal and external factors.


Crises appear when things we hold onto don´t work anymore.


Several factors may unchain different types of crises; these can be external or internal situations, for example:


  • Changes in the beliefs or values structure.

  • Economical problems.

  • Personal relationship conflicts; such as family or couple problems, with friends, or work companions.

  • Moving to another home, or losing it.

  • Lose, or change a job.

  • By modifying routines or habits.

  • Going to another country for job, vacations, or to live.

  • Personal or material loss.

  • When the body and its capacities change; like  when changing from teenage to adulthood, or entering old age

  • By an illness, or an accident.

  • Existential doubts.


Indeed, the list of factors influencing our lives is extensive and too detailed to enumerate here. As humans, we are in constant flux, intricately woven into the tapestry of life, undergoing perpetual change even when we may not be fully aware of it.

It is crucial to cultivate the capacity for flexibility, molding ourselves in response to the ever-evolving realities and circumstances that life presents, moment after moment.

Unresolved crises, when left unattended, can escalate to extremes, potentially leading to illnesses—a physical manifestation demanding our attention to address underlying issues. Crises, in various forms, serve as life's communication, signaling that our established ways of organization are no longer effective. In the face of change, strategies that were once helpful become obsolete, producing conflicts and, in extreme cases, leading to adverse outcomes, even death.

Remaining attuned to both internal and external changes is paramount, fostering a disposition for flexibility and adaptation to new circumstances.

Interestingly, in the face of significant challenges, human creativity often flourishes, bringing forth the best in individuals. Consider natural disasters or accidents, where untapped capacities emerge unexpectedly. It's a testament to the inherent potential within everyone—a potential that springs forth seemingly out of nowhere.

Whether grappling with economic, marital, family, work, or existential crises, the invitation is to actively engage in resolving these issues that hinder our relationship with life. Dare to create a rich, free, and conscious life—a life that is abundant and joyfully resilient.

After all, we are born to refine our spirits, and what better training ground than the challenges that make us strong and capable.

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