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Bunker Times - Freedom and Rebirth

Recapitulating on the almost two years of world events and the physical, emotional, mental, social, work, lockdowns, we now discover we have been put in jail, a comfort zone world size concentration camp.

Please read till the end so you really grasp the full intent of this message.



These are challenging and interesting times my friends.

We have to be very intelligent and use our best capacities to be able to face it all in a healthy conscious, but most of all transcendental way to continue being free and have a worth-living life.

We all know this is designed to break us down, to separate, to sicken, to waste us in despair and anguish, with the ultimate goal of totalitarian control.

We have also been witnesses of many deaths because of this all, by the so-called virus, (not proven to exist yet) I prefer to call it the unusual flu, but more by the false numbers from fabricated statistics, and wrong diagnosed normal deaths, mostly to push the fear agendas by mainstream media, with designed propaganda like in any war of the past.

Sadly besides the many illnesses and the unusual flu deaths, many have only died by the fear they allowed in their weak minds and scared hearts. Do your investigation so no one tells you, info is there if you know how to seek it.

Yet the real problem and real health threat began since the population was convinced to take experimental injections, the "shots" (It's, Interesting they call them so no?)

You do your research to find out how many millions so far.

Lots of confusion with the information and disinformation, in the propaganda and mind control Those who don't know how to research, lack critical thinking, and the ability to connect dots of real pieces of information, once filtered by common sense and intelligence, discover themselves totally lost and confused not knowing what to think or do, and prefer just to follow the majority as if they knew.

They compy only by fear

Mechanically, not present, not understanding, only following the brainwashed, to be accepted by others, copying the masses, they think to comply is an honor, being a hero to society, an example to follow, they surrender with the idea that if they do all they are told everything will return back to "normal" and don't see that exactly because of complying they are perpetuating it for good.

Fear does not avoid death, fear avoids life.

The control tool by excellence is fear,

of death of course.

Yes, for all of those who considered themselves immortals and all of a sudden their taboos crumble down in front of their eyes, now for the first time in their lives, they have been faced with the awareness of death, their own, and everyone they know and love.

But they are not friends with the only certainty in life and it scares them.

Yet what is going on worldwide now is not a normal or healthy death, but a multilayered one, that came to the world killing freedom, communion, trust, friendship, families, elders, jobs, travel, economy, creativity, and leaving us alive but dead. Like cloth puppets at the expense of wildfire winds. Overnight the entire planet was forced to live in jail to witness the death of almost every aspect of normal human existence.

No amount of anxiety makes any difference to anything that is going to happen.

The disaster is a moment to recreate, for rebirth, and reconnection...

Of course, there is anxiety there,

but there is also the possibility of hopefulness because when disaster comes we have to confront ourselves with the invitation to rebuild the world, using the best of our capacities...

and just now we are in that moment.

Now here comes the interesting part.

We have choices that can be taken, either to surrender and abandon oneself to weakness and fear to live in a prison and allow to be havocked and controlled...

...or purposefully, use the totality of our creative potential, love for life and ourselves, and instead of buying the forced jail, to tweak our inner reality to our convenience and enter purposefully in a conscious lucid bunker to be safe, free, and become much better.

The bunker can be a very interesting place if correctly faced and used. A bunker is a secret hidden place where you go by will to be safe, to empower, to grow, to change, to gain perspective, knowing you will come out of it renewed and ready to face a new field of possibilities.

We now have an opportunity to reshape things, to build a different kind of world

If we are going to rise up to that challenge is still to be seen, but certainly, we are in times of change.

The bunker is the womb-cave

just before rebirth.

See how nature works, things have to collapse, to be destroyed, to die, for the new to be born and come to life. Interesting enough all fresh life in nature comes from all that died and rot. Like the phoenix bird.

Those who will make it through, and will be able to finally go out of the bunker reborn will be the new community to create a better world for the surviving ones. The new and long-awaited conscious humanity.

These times are like going back to the womb to be formed again, to be reborn into something different and new. The bunker must not be a grave to die of despair and loneliness, and much less a torture chamber to become ill and die, or to commit suicide.

A bunker is a place where we become invisible to the enemy in times of war, a place to be safe, to nourish inside the power of our own space, among our beloved ones, or alone.

We must be our most beloved family member always.

Yes alone, even among people.

We still don't know how things will unravel, but we should be as prepared as possible in case whatever is necessary.

We still don't know if in order to survive in the future we need to escalate our spiritual bunker to the next level and find or create a real physical hideaway to be safe until the storm is over, and we may be reborn from that space, empowered and ready to begin a new chapter, from scratch...

if we have to do it at a certain point, it must be done with the correct preparation, ideas, and feelings, with a solid consciousness. and a strong foundation, knowing the caterpillar has to hide to die and to go through a challenging metamorphosis before life can continue as a completely different being.

It's a moment to understand that the time to drag ourselves on the floor ended forever in order to be able to fly, and that means never again slowly and heavily on the ground.

Hopefully, we will only need our spiritual bunker and not a physical one.

And please, don't even give anything for granted.

We might be reborn to stay on the planet and live an interesting different existence,

but also to depart the world.

We really don't know what is coming. Every possibility must be considered to be able to face whatever comes the best that we can. If we don't do that and we attach to a particular outcome, and it does not happen as we want, it's going to be a nasty surprise.

We must be ready to accept whatever happens, but never quit working and aiming for betterment.

Will we be able to build groups or communities to face this ...?

I don't know anymore.

I have addressed these things with too many in the past.

I have given talks, written articles, blogs, and notes.

For years I have seen these days come

I have invited people, workshop participants, and especially "close friends", those I thought had the caliber to be the best possible humans to come together and create interesting projects, to research and study, build support groups, solid infrastructures, multi-cell communities, get land, preserve seeds, store and empower water, grow and conserve food, distribution grids, alternative energies, form groups, multi-disciplinary specialists, and learn and take care of each other... ...or however you want to call it.

No, not the hippie commune thingy that has never worked But to share and apply revolutionary vanguard ideas of futuristic radical new ways to approach this, as a measure for times of emergency, crisis, or if very fortunate, simply as a healthy non-destructive way of existing on the planet, inside nature, and among others. As a healthy vibrant place to grow old and accompanied, surrounded by love.

But inevitably I'm seen as a conspiracy theorist, (they love that term) For those who hear me I'm always a bit mad, a social misfit, and of course extremist, I have been most of the time ignored and basically ridiculed and mocked.

For the majority who hear these proposals, it just seems an absurd amount of effort if you already have a settled operative comfort zone, and can get everything you need from the supermarket or online, pay the rent to the landlord, go to the ATM, watch TV, and scroll your "smart" phone till death comes.

So that set of revolutionary and rebel ideas is not the reason for my message this time.

I guess we will all have to figure it out by ourselves

Or with our tiny families, (which takes away the amazing power of a solid group of committed intelligent people, which by now I almost think don't exist) but maybe that is how it has to be faced this time, each one saves their skin alone.

Nature always selects only the most capable. Adapt or die is the natural law. If things unravel heavy we will see if we have the caliber for such voltage or not.

This time dear friends it's impossible to stick the head in the ground like an ostrich in the middle of the road with a fully loaded double bed trailer coming at 140 km at us. No, your smartphone won't save you. It's wiser to figure out the trajectory of it all and move out of the way.

There is no time to waste Things are happening too fast, don't you think there is time, people die from one moment to the other, one day each one of us will depart just like that, it can and it will be at any time, today, tomorrow, in one week, ten years... don't get surprised and discover yourself unprepared, inside and outside.

We are now in this

like it or not.

Be creative, be intelligent, be brave, research, study, get what you need, do your stash, find calm to see things correctly in your heart and in your mind. This can only be done based on love.

We were born to die, it's just a matter of when and how.

Don't be afraid, death is the most natural thing in life.

But in between, our duty is to be the best version we can, to inspire and support those around us. To create a better existence moment after moment.

We came to life to give, not to take.

You are born for this specific time.


You have a massive part to play, it's not a coincidence that you live at this exact time...

You are very important and special, the world needs you.

You need to rejuvenate, empower, detach, heal, nourish, and be clear and lucid to transcend and be able to live and help.

We are now at a point where change is unavoidable. We all must make choices that determine our future.

And for many, this looks like war, but we need to find peace.

This is an invitation to be the strongest, most intelligent, and conscious version of yourself.

Love is the only strength and intelligence possible for this challenge.

Nothing will save us from death unless love saves our life

The time to become medicine for us and others has arrived.

We always knew these days were going to happen, but we never thought they would happen in our lifetime.

They are here now.

It is time for action and prove what we were born for. Mario Gómez Mayorga - Con Ciencia Indígena August 2021