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Claudine Krieger

Paris, France

 "Yes I attest; a very powerful,

amazing, deep and transforming experience.


I do not know a lot of people who are able to lead so far other people...

it's unimaginable, anyway the words will always be very very poor to describe something so high.


God bless you, Mario and Rocio!"


- Claudine Krieger


Gordon Pen

United Kingdom

     "it was one of the most interesting 24 hrs in my Life. 

After 10 years, I can bring it clearly to mind... It was an Experience that I will Never forget... and would Love to repeat!


No drugs! I Emerged from the ground in FULL COLOUR Tripping mode, and sensed/felt my Energy Field to be Huge encompassing the Land, the Trees, the Nature and especially the other Warriors. Vision, Hearing, Smell and Tactile senses were intense and the effect lasted at least 36 hours. LOLOLOL, even NOW, typing this, sends a warm shiver of remembrance down my spine.


Mario & Rocio were Great Instructors <3 <3 <3 For me , it was a truly Unforgettable experience and I recommend it to anyone who is interested..." 


<3 HUGS"

- Gordon Pen

  United Kingdom


Katrien Messens


katrien messens.jpg

" The burial gave me such a feeling of warmth, security, resignation, love. I felt so close and safe with Mother Earth. It gave me a calmness feeling. I felt like i was totally alone with Mother Earth holding me in her safe trusting arms.

The most wonderful feeling I EVER experienced!" 


Thank You!


- Katrien Messens



Zorica Rajic


    "This was the most profound, magical and one of the most important experiences of my life!!!!


I want to do it again!!!"


- Zorica Rajic


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