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Comply or Freedom. That's where we are now.

I'd suggest don't comply. Understand, the system collapsed. They are forcing people into the New Normal (The New World Order)

Remember how many times we dreamed about going out of the system?


Feeling depressed for what is happening and for what will come? Depression comes from wanting to continue living like before. This is also grieving. LET GO will never come again. It's like a dead person you lost forever. Get though your grieve. And get up and live again.

Create a different life, plan to go away for real. Forget about money that only steals our time making it only to spend it in the system that destroys the planet.

Think about going to live in the fields, grow your own food, and not need the system ever again. It does not matter if we don't have money if we can grow food and have water, it does not matter if we don't have internet or a phone, if we are busy relating to nature and life, cooking healthy food, being around our loved ones, our dear animals,

(that we hardly see because we have to work for money )

Dare to dream about a totally different life.

In a totally different place, with totally different activities and goals. I'm studying permaculture, gathering seeds, learning to grow plants and take care of them, I'm studying about water, and solar energy, about preserving foods, and much more, so much to learn and ´practice, so great to have such a wonderful variety of things to learn and develop!

Life is wonderful and full of things to do.

Finally we can create that magnificent life we have always dreamed of! Here the road splits in two: Become a chipped brainwashed slave, and/or die in depression being one and not wanting to. O dare to be free for real. Go to an entire different planet and realm.

Do not comply, we will not be robot slaves, we will not be imprisoned. FREEDOM! Fuck the system! (Very especially an ultra controlled technocratic draconian lifetime prison.)

Of course it cannot be done overnight.

It's a transition, a process of understanding adaptation and learning, an journey maybe with with no return. Who knows how far can we go into this alternatives, who knows how much will we live. We have no idea how tight the new system will be, and if we will even be allowed to try to go away from it, or when will it finally come after us.

But since life happens only once

And it's a gift given to each one of us, it's worth living, creating, working for your dreams, making the best possible to manifest the all that you can.

Life was given to us for us to live it.

Not to comply and follow orders on how to be, what and when to do what, not for a cruel system to determine what are we allowed to do and what not. Not to be used as a gear of a machine.

Think about it.

And hurry deciding what road are you going to take. We have little time. I don't know if months or a few (very few) years before this becomes really strange. It's almost like deciding to live or die.

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