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We have many different super fun games for children and teens to learn about themselves to work in many areas, we work always asking parents or a grown up family member to participate. We offer this procedures under request. Feel free to contact us to ask, suggest, or comment.


Workshop available only under request


Weekend (Two Days)


Mexico - Other Countries

Space Limited to:

20 children and/or teens plus their parents or tutors.




Since we don't have this works open in our yearly calendar, these workshops are always under petition and designed according to the needs for the group.  

If you already have a group we can organize this work for you, once we know what you want and need to achieve.

We don´t work with less than ten, neither with more than twenty children per workshop, with ages between 8 and 16 years old.


For example a school classroom, a scouts group, a sports team, a family group of children, or close friends. It is better if they already know each other, but not indispensable.

We always ask for the presence of parents, or tutors for these workshops, since they will have to participate actively to take care of the little ones, engage in some activities, and give support in special moments.




This workshop is based on short games to maintain the interest and enthusiasm of children, or adolescents.

Parents are asked to be present to support their children, either from a distance, or directly involved in some activities. This strengthens the relationship between the two.


  • Fun games to learn to cooperate and support each other

  • Work to find limits and the fun courage to overcome them

  • Discover a sensible relationship with nature

  • Fun self-exploration to learn responsibility in a joyful way, and develop strong self-esteem.

  • Friendly, cooperative and compassionate relationships.


In some cases, the work is useful in helping children or adolescents to:


  • To unite, meet again, forgive.

  • To process a penalty, divorce, or loss.

  • To get out of a crisis.