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2020 What if...

Hello friends. Brotherly greetings Previous explanation We have been keeping a close eye on the relevant things that are lately happening worldwide. Obviously not through mass media, and much less though the lie machine known as TV. The world we lived in disappeared and we are heading towards a technocratic tight way of living. (If we stay complying)

I won't go too much into details, in this subject as there are tons of sources that explain it way better than me. If you don't know much of it, please do your research, so you get to know by your own hand and don't get angry at anyone telling you this uncomfortable realty unwrapping in front of our eyes. Sorry friends, all this is happening right now everywhere, and are not conspiracy theories anymore... I wish they were...

Ok straight to the point. Let's talk about self sustainability. The reason of this note is an idea that has been boiling in my mind for some four decades already, I have shared it with people a few times. At some point with a small group of friends we even began materializing it many years ago. It failed, because eventually their lazy ego's thought it was sort of ridiculous. The main argument was; why try self-sufficiency, that means a lot of work and dedication, if you could get all you wanted and needed in stores, and you could work in thousands of different things to get full trucks loaded with money.... Yes, maybe in the past is was like an exotic idea for a few futuristic health weirdos. But I think that considering the uncertain and threatening future that haunts us now, it might not be such a wild quirky idea anymore, to try to have a big land where you build your home, to grow organic powerful food, have clean water, and freedoms among likeminded people. A place to evolve and maybe grow old in a safe, healthy, conscious and creative atmosphere.

Where? Because we live in the Mexican jungle, and we have witnessed so many times that any seed you throw on the soil, a bit later becomes a tree, we thought this place is ideal to grow food fast and relatively easy, (don't misunderstand me, it still needs work, dedication and knowledge) but with enough efforts food, manifests from the soil. Like in any jungle it rains a lot, which is perfect if you have crops and fruit trees... Mexico has the advantage of having a very flawed and somehow powerless government, so totalitarian control measures are far from being real, here most of people basically does whatever they want. I think it's probably the safest country in the world to be right now. This rain forest is a place where we are protected in a nest of rich abundant mountains, here it's always a warm and colorful spring, we don't have hurricanes, floods, or tornados, there is plenty of fresh clean water underground, and the soil is rich and fertile, the air is clean, and the sky is beautiful. There's a lot of sun though the year, which is a privilege for solar energy technologies.

Another advantage here is that here is fairly easy to find large lands that are relatively cheap. Its insulated enough to have the threats of civilization and its new Orwellian prisons fairly far, yet it can reached within hours if whatever is needed.

Self sufficiency requires of a team of people, we could probably find likeminded people, get together and make it possible, because probably each one of us, by ourselves, will have no option but to end up locked up with the rest of humanity, chipped, controlled, vaccinated, and who knows what else is waiting in the agenda. There would be a lot more to say, but I will stop here to see if there is any feedback and interest, or if we are still seen like crazy weirdo conspiracy mad cows to mock. We are going to do it anyway, as far and as good as we can, with our means and knowledge in the field. But a while ago we thought, what if we open this project and ideas as an invitation to our friends, and not only keep the jewel in secret just for ourselves. The more people we are, the faster and better this can be done. If anyone thinks this could be a healthy alternative, a good idea for a better life in the immediate and mid future, an exciting project to shift life into an adventure of betterment health, consciousness, safety and similar folks, please let us know. Then those of us with the same mind frame could continue creating and brainstorming about this. Who knows, maybe we could even be an example and share with others how to do it in other places, this could even become a net.... To dream is free-dom. Everything humanity has created began with a dream, that later became manifested through directed purposeful actions designs and decisions. If you have anything to say please write. for brainstorm and begin creating. Heart to heart hugs Mario and Rocio info@concienciaindigena


Within thirty seconds of publishing this, we got feedback from a woman that got really angry to read this. She thinks we are making up the actual state of the world, calling us fearmongers. Too bad some still ignore what's going on even when it's scandalous.


Next day we got feedback from a friend from far Orient, he thinks its a good idea and sees this as a healthy possibility to be in order with life, keeping a healthy body, living in harmony taking care of freedom.


​Because we are getting feedback we opened a FORUM LINK to comment on this post:


P.S. Here I have a collection of videos in a censorless platform. Documents done by experts and that have been censored, banned and taken down in the web. It's full of eye opening informations. (tough cookies, but important to understand what is going on)

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