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We have many different tools to work in many areas, we offer this tools, techniques and procedures under request. Feel free to contact us to ask, suggest, comment, propose.




Workshop available only under request   


Depending on the Work


Mexico - Other Countries - Online

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Depends on the Work




Work to explore the dream lucid dream world to awaken awareness on the other side.

You can only request a low order that is not part of the calendar of annual activities.


It requires to previously rearrange daily life to learn to handle the attention in a focused way, also requires extra available energy, so that you have the power to access awareness and lucid attention in the dream.

This work is to be done in groups between six and twelve people. It can also be attempted in a private format for one or two people, understanding that it's much more difficult without the support and feedback of a group .

It can be live or distance guided. It is a demanding and difficult challenge, especially if it is done remotely (via the internet) if no work has been done before on this area we do recommend to embark in this only though a live workshop.

The workshop can last between a week and a month depending on what the group is in situation to work. The longer you work, more chances there are to make progress.


Even when it's possible, the general idea, and what most interest awakens in people, are pointless activities such as traveling to other planets, go to visit distant people, or become animals as in the nagualism style, but this all is no more than just striking and exciting, fantasies nothing more.

The real lucid dream is useful to explore and modify the subconscious, which is what is manifested while we sleep. This is where you can make profound changes in your person and enter higher states of consciousness that allow lucidity in order to improve as a person by becoming conscious as you

can leave behind subconscious aspects, which run by themselves, and control automatically your way of being and reacting, which hinder or block your life experience.

To be lucid on the dream side, to be lucid in the self during dreams that emanate from the subconscious, is to awaken awareness of parts that were not visible before. It is like a shortcuts where you can grow and know yourself in ways that otherwise would take many years, or perhaps never understand in while in the vigil life.

There are many fantasies and misconceptions of use and purpose around lucid dreaming, which is a pity as it distorts the real objective of this magnificent portal that allows the portent of lucid consciousness within the unconscious, the opportunity to know the self deeper thoroughly and thus achieve transcendence.



  • Deepen on the self.

  • Work on broadening consciousness.

  • Build a sensible relationship with the essence of life.

  • Spiritual development.

  • Profound Self-exploration.

  • Couple relationships and sexuality.

  • To cohere, re-encounter, to forgive.

  • To process grief, a divorce, or a loss.

  • To get out of a crisis.

  • Coaching in a difficult project.