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It's Almost Time!

Hello dear friends!

Brotherly greetings! I hope these lines find you well.

Let me explain to you the reason for this message.

As you all might know I will be giving my offering thank service at the Bufo Sanctuary in Tulum from the 22nd to the 28th of November. I was offered to do this as part of my Bufo training and my service for others. Very excited after my Bufo experience I thought this would be a very interesting portal to explore!


For those of you who didn't get to read it here it is: The Spirit Molecule - The Toad Medicine


So I invited Con Ciencia Indigena's followers.

(Here is my interesting lesson) "I gave for granted" that some people would hear the Bufo call and join the invitation. I thought each one could donate a bit for my travel expenses back and forth from Palenque to Tulum. Actually, a few did hear the call, but can't make it if for the dates of this frame window. They will come later...


Here you can read my invitation to our followers if you have not read it yet. THE SPIRIT MOLECULE AVAILABLE FOR YOU


The thing is that at the sanctuary they are booking me every day on my bufo Facilitation service as I had agreed.

So here is where I found myself stuck and needing to ask for support, please.

At the moment the house and 24 animals have the totality of the budget used. So I cannot finance my trip back and forth to Tulum.

From the bottom of my heart, I'm looking for supporters for this healing project. It is a service for the betterment of others. To stop suffering, To transcend. To heal, and be free. So dear friends If any of you is in a situation to donate to the cause, I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Of course, I promise to give a full report of my entire week offering my service the learning process, the things I witnessed, my insights, and whatever else is important to share... Thank you beforehand and may your help multiply in betterments for your life. Drop me an email so I can send you a payment request Or use this button



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