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Recapitulation is considered by shamans as the best way

to prepare the body for the total distribution of energy.


01 - 30 June 2024  


Duration: 30 Days.

Distance Guided Workshop: 

e-mail, Videoconferencing

Experiential Live Workshop:

Tulum, Quintana Roo. Mexico

Registration Deadline: May 25
Early Bird Discount: 10% OFF Before June 15

Space is limited to 14 people



Recapitulation is a natural act. Every human being goes through it before the individual disintegration called death.

It is when for the last time one goes though all the memories that made our life.


Recapitulation is not to remember, it is to live again, it is the recovery of the bodily experience of every past experience. It is our capacity to associate, and remember what has given a sense of individuality, and continuity.

We are because we remember.

One can unchain the body´s recapitulation process without the need to die in order for it to happen. This technique opens huge possibilities for consciousness, without any doubt one of the most powerful tools for inner work from antique indigenous knowledge.

The possibility to recapitulate while alive opens access to  the body memory and find out what is the experience it had about having lived till this moment, this opens the opportunity to see the experiences from the perspective of the body´s consciousness, and not from the ego´s intellectual interpretations. As you can see they are two diametrically opposite points of view, but the body's report is just as it was felt, there is the full information of every event that has been lived, plain as that, with no added accessories. Instead the ego has created on top of all experiences an endless amount of stories, fantasies, basically all false, complicated stories, abstract and self centered interpretations that have nothing to do with the reality of facts. They are hallucinations of the real kind.

The recapitulation technique opens knowledge about your life, to access the true history  and know for real what have you lived for real till, to stop paying tribute to what personal history demands though its stories.





There is a very powerful aspect of recapitulation, and that is where most of the work is centered: Through recapitulation, one may recover energy that was wasted on the path of our life. It is possible to arrive at this energy and recover it.


The energetic body is the one that makes the recapitulation. It does not only include our physical body, but also the most important aspects of all our interactions with people, every energy exchange our energy had throughout life, both positive and negative. Each and every one of our relationships with life has energetic consequences. What we are now is the product of our relations in life. All energy exchange is recorded in our energy and body, which is why we have the life we live; we see the world with the description we have created, and that's why we are who we are.


Recapitulation is the process of restore and recover from damages of the past.

It is our energetic body that realizes this act of recapitulation. To recapitulate is to remember corporeally and to live again important events of our past, with the great difference that ego-based descriptions and intellectual interpretations are not added, neither are the "guilty ones". It is a neutral and profound healing process, a sober and pristine consciousness, that leads to the recuperation of the energetic balance we had when we were born.

To recapitulate is a way to remember without any inner dialogue to distort the event, no words, in silence, and with all the information needed available just as the body experienced it when things happened. Lucid raw real information stored all over the body that can be accessed to understand what happened for real and get rid of the stories we made.




      Recapitulation is Composed of Four Areas:

     1.  Recapitulation Lists.

     2. Special Breathings.

     3. The Recapitulation Box.

     4. Freed Acts. Consciousness Takeovers.


1. The Recapitulation Lists:

These are the guides on which the actual recapitulation work will follow. It's a condensed list of people from the entire life and the events that occurred with each person. These are the experiences that have determined the way we decided to see our past, allowing it to affect us in the way it still does today. In theory, these lists must contain the totality of events we have lived and conform to our personal history. Yet, the technique allows us to work without getting lost in an infinity of details; this would make the recapitulation a gigantic and practically impossible task to undergo.

2. The Special Breaths:

Thanks to special breaths and body movements, it's possible to have access to personal energy and free energy blockages. Not only to get rid of what does not belong to us but also to recover the energy we lost in wasteful events throughout life. These special breaths, combined with the recapitulation lists, are the gate to our personal history and once deciphered, the magnificent portal to our personal power. The special breaths are for real the keys that open the doors that allow your body to access and go through the necessary arrangements in your energy; this is what will make the actual modifications in your structure.

3. The Recapitulation Box:

This magnificent tool is at the same time a power object and a freedom symbol. The box main objective is to create an insulation bubble that allows the work to be done in a more efficient way. Its main use is to keep the totality of our energy compressed in a small area, this greatly facilitates the work because it prevents us from getting dispersed or distracted. It is an object that progressively gets charged by the work we do in there, in a way that the more you use it, the more charged it is; this is what makes out of it a power object, let's say it creates a kind of work inertia, the more you use it, the easier to unchain recapitulation in there. Eventually, by witnessing the advances one has achieved, and the amount of emotional change one has healed, it becomes a freedom symbol. It is a small box that becomes a huge space of personal freedom.

4. Freed Acts. Consciousness Takeovers:

Through the exercise of recapitulation one arrives at important consciousness takeovers, and the reasons we determined the past to become as we are today, the reasons for the lies we have told to ourselves to justify fears, traumas, resentment, and many other things that we keep alive till today, and more than helping, it actually makes us suffer in different ways because we act based on those ill foundations.

Thanks to the recapitulation, it's easy to see that many attitudes, ideas, and emotions are not necessary in our life. This comes from conscious takeovers during the recapitulation process, where freed acts lists are born, which then will be used as a guide to create the new person that we wish to be, and that we have decided based on our consciousness, lucidity, and love. These lists are the action plans and freedom strategies to create a better person and ways to begin living purposefully, instead of sleeping in the inertia of everyday routine, that comes from personal history.





If you want to participate but are not able to come to the live workshop, you can still work in parallel via Internet, no doubt more difficult to do, and with less support, companions feedback and practices, but much better than not doing it at all.

This option works receiving by e-mail work instructions every week. As well there is a live video-conference every week to give support, clear doubts, share success and difficulties in the work with companions, and workshop coordinators.

As well, you can schedule a video conference, or a phone call by e-mailmail anytime.







If you are tired of the inertia of your routines, the repetitive prison of the intellect (ego) and its emotional weight, and you don't want to waste more lifetime and energy in there. If you are thirsty for freedom, knowing you are going to die at some point, but you want to enjoy your life and develop yourself as far as you can possibly go.

Then this could very well be a good set of tools for your development and transcendence.

    What the workshops are useful for:


  • Get out of a crisis, and use it to catapult your success.

  • Change habits, and leave wasting routines behind. To finish with addictions.

  • Learn how to use your time and energy more efficiently. Save, and redirect your energy.

  • Heal your past; forgive yourself and others. Clean your relationships. Detach to move forward.

  • Re-direct your life in a better direction. Find healthier, and happier ways to live, and relate to others.

  • Awaken consciousness and lucidity. Begin walking a path with a heart.

  • Explore into a profound consciousness and lucidity, that will make your life experience rich and purposeful.

  • Build a spiritual relationship with yourself, and life.

  • Learn the art of the Path Of The Heart.

The workshops provide access to learning and experiencing firsthand the most practical Toltec tools and techniques for self-work. You can teach yourself specialized ways of acting and open portals to freedom that hardly close again. Explore yourself in detail, create the changes you need based on your own conscious takeovers, manifest your dreams and heart wishes into realities through purposeful actions, and find the courage and strength to walk the path toward personal freedom.

Finally, we all face death alone. In that unavoidable portal, it will be important to be standing on solid consciousness, ready to face the portal to total freedom with the best attitude possible, as lucid and impeccable as our personal power allows us.


If any of this resonates with you, then this work may be useful to you.


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