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The Mazatec Sierra, in the remote mountains of Mexico, where ancient indigenous knowledge continues

to thrive today, is cared for by the Mazatec nation. In this powerful place, you will be able to explore deep

into your being, to resolve, detach, heal, grow, and transcend, expanding into a higher state of consciousness.
Here, you will purposefully create better possibilities for your life.


Mazatec Sierra
Mazatec Sierra
Mazatec Sierra


Mazatec Sierra, Oaxaca. Mexico

Toltec Practices - Mazatec Ceremonies - Sacred Plants.

NEXT DATES 2024:  

July 18-24 

Registration Deadline: 10th of August

Early bird 10% OFF before August 05

August 23-29

Registration Deadline: 10th of July

Early bird 10% OFF before June 15

Space is limited to 8 people

Prices by request only



The Mazatecs are the second most preserved ethnic group in Mexico, direct descendants of the antique Toltecs, still, live based on solid foundations from their ancient knowledge. For centuries they have maintained alive shamanic healing ceremonies and the herbalist knowledge to heal and awaken consciousness

This land has brought to the world amazing shamans and healers like Maria Sabina who awakened all the ones who visited her, like Gordon Wasson, Albert Hofmann, Aldous Huxley, Richard Evans Schultes, Timothy Leary, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, Walt Disney, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Carlos Castaneda, Fernando Benitez, Jacobo Grinberg among many other personalities.


For centuries they have kept alive herbalist knowledge, and shamanic healing ceremonies to awaken consciousness.

Toltequity shows how to act carefully based on energy and strategy, consciousness and creativity, to direct the course of life towards a deep, lucid, and creative experience; this proposal is called: The Path With of The Heart.




As a special happening, we are opening an invitation to meet 

unique humans, and the magical mountains where they live. 


Come with us to The Mazatec Sierra, Oaxaca, Mexico, deeper than Huautla, where the real Mazatec traditions are still alive and unpolluted, where civilization has not tainted this amazing indigenous nation.

It´s already more than 35 years of relationship with them, so it´s just like being home.





The Mexican indigenous world opens portals to a profound comprehension that comes from direct experience; knowing in this in depth allows to intentionally behave as a strategic warrior, and though specific purposeful actions, unchain the desired consequences, instead of being run over by them like a victim of an accident not knowing why.
Consciousness is a portal to freedom.

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Due to the nature of this extraordinary people, practices and ceremonies, and the inner work tools you will learn and live there, you can tailor fit this journey to your particular situation.

It can be approached for many purposes according to your need in this moment in life; to recover or awaken parts of your consciousness, to heal from a physical, mental or emotional ailment, to detach, forgive or finish digesting a grieve, to close unfinished chapters of your life, to end and begin cycles, to empower for a new project or coming change, to explore further in your being, to strengthen your spiritual connections, etc.


We will stay at a Mazatec family's home. Accommodation is in rustic dormitories for three or four people. Bathroom is shared. Meals are homemade by the family, simple, fresh, clean, and tasty.






During our stay we will explore indigenous practices rooted in the Toltec tradition, to prepare the body and energy for the ceremonies.


  • Attention walks on magnificent mountains to visit power places that the Mazatecs visit and honor for centuries.


  • We open connections with the "Poderios" (Conscious powers of the place); Mother Earth, Water, and Trees. Very especially with "Chicon Nindo" The Sacred Mountain of the Mazatecs that has been honored for centuries. And also with "Puente de Fierro" the Sacred Waterfall.

  • ​​​Mazatec sweat lodge.


  • 3 Healing Sacred Plants ceremonies (full night)


  • Grandfather Fire ceremony, confession, cleansing, offerings, and commitments for the betterment of life.


  • Deep cleansing and empowerment work with rivers and waterfalls.


  • Peaceful and lucid connections with trees. (Elder brothers as they call them)

  • Connection with "Chicon Nindo" the sacred mountain and the sacred waterfall at "Puente de Fierro"


  • Constant practice will be "stalking" (deep attention and self-observation).


  • Energy-saving and redirecting techniques to healthier uses and possibilities.


  • The path of the heart, and the warrior attitude.

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