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The Spirit Molecule - The Toad Medicine

I'm coming out probably from the most important experience of my entire life, after the day I was brought to the planet.

I will do my best to describe an experience for which there are not even words to speak about it. Language doesn't do justice to this realm.

This extraordinary gift appeared in my life just at the exact moment to help me get out of one of the most difficult times in my life, after a series of events that exceeded my ability to face to resolve. Just when I felt powerless and lost like never before.

Thanks to Valttteri, a wonderful friend who invited me and guided me through the experience and the giant portal that opens 'Bufo', my definitive healing.

Bufo Alvarius Toad Medicine (5MeO-DMT)

After the instructions and preparation prayer, the medicine is taken, everything begins in a second at the most.

"Trust" is the last word I remember, and then I was struck by an absolute soft beam that in an instant turned me into smoke, mist, steam, nothing, everything disappeared...

Absolute light.

The experience is powerful like nothing I have ever felt in life. My body instantly disappeared, everything completely dissolved into an intense bluish-white multifractal light. It was all that.

And fused into it, I felt an indescribable release, a total detachment, forgiveness that only death could provide. A beautiful death of compassion, then all the suffering, the pain that was stored for a lifetime, the fears and traumatic experiences, attachments, mistakes, all the unnecessary weight, the shadows... everything dies in a few moments, the death I was longing for all life to be able to rest from myself.

I expanded and dissolved even more into bliss. In the deepest peace. The joy of knowing that it is the Spirit, with whom I merge, even deeper recognizing that you are part of it, that it is it... all. The deepest beauty ever imagined how profoundly beautiful everything is, the power of that extraordinary beauty is so intense, so absolute, that it changes you forever, beauty heals ...

All is one, and all are only one fiber of the infinite fabric. There is no more separation as the observed or the

The experience is timeless, impossible to measure because there is no time in which this occurs. However, on the planet, it is only about twenty minutes.

Coming back happens so fast

In a few minutes, it was fully operational again.

When I returned, I felt only unity, only deep love, the most sincere and greatest gratitude I have ever felt. The profound beauty of existing ... We are a miracle! No exaggeration.

Válttteri, my facilitator, a human-angel at the Bufo Sanctuary, told me that the experience is about death and rebirth.

I told him that in my case. I totally agree about death, but not about rebirth. I was not reborn ...

In my experience, I had just been born for the first time in my life. As if my body had been wandering all life but I had not really been born.

I have fallen deeply in love with life, therefore, with myself, with everything.

I never imagined that I would experience a miracle in the first person.

This event has opened my heart and has invited me to a state of deep appreciation and humbleness, recognizing my true size, an indescribable beauty.

Since youth, I started my quest

I was looking for something as my main life mission, I was looking in books, teachers, workshops, trips, power places, sacred plants, travel, indigenous nations, shamans, techniques, knowledge, friends, relationships, and everything you can imagine. Yes, of course, as I traveled that path I found many important pieces that helped me grow and become a bit better. But still, I always got the feeling that I hadn't found what I was looking for and didn't really know what it was.

Thanks to Bufo my quest is over

I just found what I was looking for my entire life.

It was me who I was looking for; my soul, my spirit, that place from which the self that inhabits the body emanated, it was all the time inside me, that's why I never found it outside. I never suspected that what I was really looking for was the life that boiled from within, that passion that manifests itself as life, that fire that creates everything.

My search is over. Now I have the gift of life that I have left to live as fully as I can, to serve life, to cooperate, to love deeply.

I am at peace, not only have I just been born, but I feel like I am back home, I no longer feel homeless, my sad longing for the Spirit has ended.

Without a doubt, this is the most powerful and beautiful experience I have ever lived. I never imagined that such profound beauty could exist ... literally incredible. Changed me forever.

All my life I heard about miracles, I never suspected that in my life one would happen to me.

Beloved Spirit, forever grateful!


All this to try to tell you about an experience so impossible to explain for me, as for you to understand by reading the narrative of someone who did it.

It is an event that surpasses even your wildest fantasies and that there is nothing to compare with as a point of reference to understand it in words.

The only way is to live the experience for yourself.


Some of the gifts Bufo gave me:

After the experience, the first following hours some messages arrived in silence, while alone.

However, a very interesting part was the conversations I had during the day with people I randomly met, and who expressed in words what I could not yet describe or define from my experience. I felt as if Bufo would continue to speak through people.

Everything is just one.


All these gifts are just one thing, a unit like everything else that exists.

This is the best I can put into words, and I can only try to explain it by separating it into subtopics.


You give what you are. You get what you give. You give what you received.

Life is what you are.

What you actually see and what happens, is how you see yourself and how you treat yourself.

When you change, the whole of life changes, because you are reality. Because everything is your reflection. Because you create your moment.

There is nothing else. You are the creator of the totality that happens to you.

Your life experience is entirely your responsibility.


Everything is interconnected. You are just a fiber of the only infinite fabric.

Whatever you do, echoes on the totality of the fabric, whether you weave well or badly, you alter the entire fabric.

Weave well, the fabric is life.

Weave with love to affect the fabric properly. If you hurt yourself you also hurt everything, everything is one. Love yourself, it makes you better and therefore also to everything else.

Whatever your actions, you do them to yourself, but it also resonates with the totality of the fabric.

The essence of what the fabric is made of is Love.


Life loves you, that's why you exist.

Don't resist love. Manifested love is the only thing that exists. Our mission is to radiate love.

Resistance affects and distorts the fabric of life and its interconnections are broken, this is sadness. If you withdraw from love, you are alone, even being part of the fabric.

Everything is the same, everything you manifest is what you are doing to yourself.


There is only the now, we have never been anywhere else.

It is always now. Right now.

The past and the future are mental abstractions. The past produces pain and sadness. The future brings anxiety and fear. you have never been in the past neither you will be in the future, You have always been right here. Now. No anxiety neither fear here. All is happening.

The now is a permanent and endless flow where life manifests itself and appears in front of our very own eyes, right now nonstop, forever changing, always different, bubbling with life.

Last words

I could write a lot more, but it could end up in a book, so I'll stop here. (By now)


If you need to catapult yourself to a higher level of being. Whether you need to heal trauma, severe depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), addictions, alcoholism, or just fully open your eyes and heart. If you need to transcend your life and awaken consciousness.

If you hear the call of medicine Bufo ...

Please contact me. With great pleasure, I can open the way and the connections for your quest and for the miracle of your healing.

Mario Gomez Mayorga

Quintana Roo. Mexico

September 21, 2021 (equinox)

(CONTINUATION) Here is something else related to Bufo after a third experience




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