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Con Ciencia Indigena

Con Ciencia Indígena

Con Ciencia Indígena

(The name in Spanish is a  phonetic word game:
"With Indigenous Science",

but it also sounds like "With Indigenous Consciousness)

Explore, and learn procedures that trigger heightened states of awareness, and conscious takeovers; as a platform to grow into a deeper and transcendental understanding of yourself.

It's an invitation to explore and transcend yourself in joyful ways, working in mind-blowing places in nature.

The journeys and workshops that we offer are a unique fusion of sport-like activities in places of extraordinary beauty in nature while exploring and learning ways to better yourself, techniques, and procedures that come from antique indigenous knowledge, and vanguard psychology to use attention as a platform for awareness.

An intent to create the person your heart wishes to be in a joyful way. 

Learn the path with a heart, grow and better yourself facing joyful, fun, and profound challenges, find limitations, and transcend them. Create the person and circumstances you want to live through purposeful directed actions, Manifest your dreams with carefully designed strategies, and action plans based on your awareness.

Our experiences, journeys, and workshops are suitable for youngsters, adults, and seniors.


Journeys that will be useful from day to day for the coming years.


Mario Gómez Mayorga and Rocio Lopez Ruiz, creators, and coordinators of Con Ciencia Indígena, formed over three decades, initially sharing with close people, then friends of friends, who brought their friends, and their parents, that told other people... a chain that never stopped.

They work as a team with a great passion for well-being, human development consciousness, and holistic health, supporting people in the marvelous adventure of self-discovery, inner growth, and betterment, sharing through workshops indigenous procedures. Tools and techniques to explore the self. Ways to forge a healthy strong body as the foundation for awareness in the quest for consciousness and freedom, also known as "The Path With A Heart".


To provide a safe and resourceful space to explore, challenge yourself and go beyond your limits. 

To provide personal support to work on the self with indigenous rooted procedures,

aiming to holistic health as the basic foundation for consciousness to access lucid freedom.


Access the profound and silent comprehension that only comes from direct experience. 

The art of living intentionally, being present in the moment.

To modify reality with actions rather than words.

Toltequity is an invitation to act purposefully, based on attention, strategy, and conscious decisions, with care in the way energy is used and directed in everyday life. Awakening creativity to direct the course of life towards a deep, creative, and beautiful experience, the art of doing it while enjoying it is what in the Toltec world is called: The path with a heart.


Explore movement as a way of knowledge with no intellect involved in the awareness. Learn to engage with the world without descriptions.

The workshops are a series of experiential; procedures, techniques, and tools that build a spherical knowledge. This offers an easy way to explain and explore;  but most of all, an easy way to assimilate and apply it in everyday life, step by step.

The intent for freedom, the path with a heart is a personal responsibility full of challenges and satisfactions.


Without any doubt, the main root and most relevant element for Con Ciencia Indigena is the encounter, and relationship with Mexican indigenous nations, for more than three decades.

Basically with Mazatecs, Wirraikas (Huichols), and several Mayan groups.  What these ethnic groups have in common is being direct descendants from the antique Toltecs. They still live based on many of their antique ways, cosmovision, and knowledge that is kept alive through their ceremonial life, and everyday ways of living and being.


To participate in their rituals, fiestas, and ceremonies, the visits, and pilgrimages to their power places, to assist and support them through NGO's, and the coexistence with their families, and homes, profoundly impacted and defined Mario and Rocio; from them, they learned the most important elements that became the foundation of their lives, and what they transmit through Con Ciencia Indígena.


Meeting people from all over the world, who have participated in the workshops for more than thirty years, has been fundamentally important, to see them, work, make efforts, grow, be creative, supportive, open, willing. 

To witness and learn many facets of the human mind, feelings, and spirit, but most of all, the beauty of the human heart in every person.

The invaluable time working together, and their feedback, has been essential for perfecting the format and method Con Ciencia Indígena has today, elements that allowed polishing the work to transmit this profound knowledge in a human, clear, efficient, and professional way.

Without each and everyone that participated through decades, this work would not be possible in the way we share it today.

To all of them, and especially to each one of you, walking the path with a heart, from the deepest of our spirit...




If you are tired of the inertia of your routines, the repetitive prison of the intellect (ego), and its emotional weight, and you don't want to waste more lifetime, and energy in there. If you are thirsty for freedom, knowing you are going to die at some point, but you want to enjoy your life, and developed yourself as far as you could possibly go.

Then this could very well be a good set of tools for your development and transcendence.

    What the workshops are useful for:


  • Get out of a crisis, and use it to catapult your success.

  • Change habits, and leave wasting routines behind. To finish with addictions.

  • Learn how to use your time and energy more efficiently. Save, and redirect your energy.

  • Heal your past; forgive yourself and others. Clean your relationships. Detach to move forward.

  • Re-direct your life in a better direction. Find healthier, and happier ways to live, and relate to others.

  • Awaken consciousness and lucidity. Begin walking a path with a heart.

  • Explore into a profound consciousness and lucidity, that will make your life experience rich and purposeful.

  • Build a spiritual relationship with yourself and life.

  • Learn the art of the path with a heart.

The workshops give access to learn and have direct experience on the most practical Toltec tools and techniques, to work on the self. You can teach yourself specialized ways of acting, and open portals to freedom that hardly close again. Explore yourself in detail, create the changes you need, based on your own conscious takeovers, manifest your dreams, and heart wishes into realities through special purposeful actions, find the courage and strength to walk the path towards personal freedom.

Finally, we all face death alone, in that unavoidable portal, it will be important to be standing on a solid consciousness, to face the portal to total freedom, in the best attitude possible, as lucid, and impeccable, as our personal power allows us. 


If any of this resonates with you, then this work may be useful for you.

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