"I did workshops with Mario and Rocío several years ago, and since then there is not a single day I don´t thank them for all I discovered..."


"Thanks to these activities, I learned to enjoy life, to understand that I have the power over myself and my ego, to feel connected to nature, to Earth..."

Jacinthe - FRANCE

"Con Ciencia Indigena´s workshops are intense and revealing.
What is discovered there lays in each one but worth the walk.

Or rather say, it is a joy..."


"An experience that I certainly believe we should all go through in life, because of that I am filled with wisdom, sensitivity, and connection with the earth, the love of nature, animals, and the whole planet..."

Maite - SPAIN


"Clarity… is the Word that can best resume the deepest meaning that the pilgrimage has for me. It was a journey through sacred places, where the possibility to make a very deep contact with the spirit is revealed..."

Alessio - ITALY

"Consciousness Work: The most important undertaking in which I can embark. Essential to my life and for the benefit of all I come into contact with and for Mother Earth..."

Ashonda - USA

"I am proud and thankful having participated with my companions and want to do it again, and better with a certain frequency since I see it like a haven in which body and soul are recharged with consciousness..."


"This journey truly changed the way I experience life. It gifted me trust in my way, trust to be guided, the willingness to learn from everything I meet, humbleness towards mystery..."


"What basically changed was my attitude in front of life, I cannot be the passive victim, I don't have time to waste in that drama. I have no other choice than choosing to grow and take care of myself..."

Federica - ITALY

"For both the inner spirit and also ego with which my body came into the world, this pilgrimage and vision quest was perhaps the most profound, useful and also difficult experience of my life!..."

Jo Ann - USA

"It is a journey trough very powerful and beautiful places where you go learning, facing challenges, overcoming obstacles, realizing that you can move your limits, therefore it's a great journey to your insights..."

Jorge - MEXICO

"This trip got me to shift out of my outer layer of just living and remember how to "BE".

We were taken to so many powerful places with such powerful experiences..."

Laura - USA

"If you're looking for awareness, a renewed passion for life, insight into who you REALLY are, reconnecting with nature, with spirit, with life or tools for personal change, healing and freedom these are all gifts..."

Judi - USA

Many aspects of this expedition are ineffable; experiences so breathtaking and incredible that words do little justice. This trip may be better suited if you are dealing with strong issues in your life..."

Nabilah - ARABIA

"I learned the most amazing "exercises" to release the old traumas and injuries that have been piling up in me, and at the same time having very deep physical body work to facilitate the releases..."


"I was overwhelmed by the intoxicating beauty of Mexico, and realize that I would never be able to experience such places, if it were not for this journey guided by Mario and Rocio, who are both remarkable..."

Therese - CANADA

"If you want to explore yourself and the world around you, stalk and confront your ego, reach and push your limits, overcome your fears and acquire new strengths - then this is the program for you..."

Vadim - RUSSIA

"The pilgrimage invites to a journey through your personal history, mind, feelings, and energy.

Useful to close and open cycles, clean blockages, heal the past, forgive, open consciousness


You? - EARTH


The Toltec tools represent a true revolution, the fact of recognizing the true enemy the ego, was one of the most important revelations I discovered at the beginning of the path..."

Alessio - ITALY

"It was not at all easy, but each effort, no matter how difficult it got at the time, was absolutely worth it! I would not trade the experience for anything in the world!..."

Antonella - CANADA

"To realize about my ego; about how it steals my energy; this is one of the biggest teachings so far, and it gets clearer every time, now I realize the energy I have. Now I take care what I do with it!..."

Emily - CANADA

"Well, I can tell you that it is honestly the realest and most beautiful I've ever done and  there are actually no words for the thankfulness I feel about this what I have been able to do and achieve..."


"For real I feel Im a different person and now I know I cannot return to be the one I was before and that I will always keep on walking towards my freedom this is the most magical opportunity..."


"This workshop is a gathering of the most efficient tools and techniques from Mexican indigenous knowledge that allow creating new and better ways to live through purposeful acts based on self consciousness..."

You? - EARTH

"A very powerful, amazing, deep and transforming experience. Not a lot of people are able to lead so far other people... it's unimaginable, words will always be very poor to describe something so high..."​

Claudine - FRANCE

"it was one of the most interesting 24 hrs in my Life. 

After 10 years, I can bring it clearly to mind... It was an Experience that I will Never forget... and would Love to repeat!

Gordon - ENGLAND

"The burial gave me such a feeling of warmth, security, resignation, love. I felt so close and safe with Mother Earth. It gave me calmness. I felt like I was totally alone with Mother Earth holding me in her safe trusting arms.

Katrien - HOLLAND

"This was the most profound, magical and one of the most important experiences of my life!!!!

I want to do it again!!!"



"Those mountains I left with important insights which I got with the help of sacred plants and the conscious focus and work we faced the ceremonies... "

Elias - Playa del Carmen

"The beauty and sacredness of the land etched into soul. My family expanded. I had a new home. My past was healed. I saw life without attachments and expectations. I was open to new possibilities of love..."

Katie Bozarth - Texas. USA

"My time in the Mazatec Sierra was very personal, enlightening, and familial; you may find your time there to be as well!..."

Earl Harris - NY, USA

"The opportunity to stay with a traditional Mazatec family is such a privilege. And what a beautiful family they are! The matriarch of the family is a kind, loving woman who graciously welcomed us into her home..."

Ashonda Davenport - NY, USA

During my time in the sierra I was able to connect to a natural part of me that needed less of everything except my own strength and knowingness.

Brandy Elis - NY, USA

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam... "

Pending Person - Planet Earth

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