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Toltec Vision Quest 2023


Our yearly Vision Quest has been modified and updated. After years of petitions, we have made this trip shorter in length making it more accessible for many who have requested this. Beforehand this journey was separated into two very different stages. The first part was done during the first two weeks entirely in the jungles of Chiapas. This section has now been detached from the vision quest and has become a separate workshop by itself called "The power of the Jungle" Imagine you could embark on a special route on the planet and inside your person, that could change and better your life and who you are as you advance its path. Step by step to find who you are, comprehend, modify, and transcend? To grow purposefully into the person that your heart really wishes to be since ever? Such a path is real and it's possible to walk it.

Let me invite you to join The Path of The Heart in our yearly

Toltec Vision Quest Pilgrimage

Allow yourself to enter the profound and powerful realm of consciousness and decide your life with purposeful actions from now on. Learn how to live in the present and trigger the consequences that will catapult you into the full potential of who you really are.

This has been done by many who are living every day in such ways.

You could also do it. Will you gift freedom to yourself?


Yearly Pilgrimage 2023 March 10 - 24

Two weeks. Four states. Ten Power Places.

3000 kilometers.

The beginning of a new and better life experience!

Our most complete, profound, detailed, and efficient work, is designed to deliver the very best practical Toltec techniques and tools to purposefully transcend into a better life and continue day to day.

A journey through unique natural, and prehispanic power places, where we explore and work with a series of indigenous practices; sensing exercises, cleansing ceremonies

We will work in four different states of Mexico in ten power places. Each area has a unique energy that perfectly suits the kind of work we explore in each place.

We deepen and learn specialized attention and energy techniques, like sharp stalking, non-doings, acting purposely, the warrior attitude, facing challenges, transcending limits, the freedom quest, etc.

Details, pictures, videos, read testimonials. See the places and know the route.

Toltec Vision Quest Website: We have early bird special discounts!