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Mazatec Sierra Retreat Testimonial

Mazatec Testimonial

After a chance meeting with Mario and a brief conversation about the workshop in the Mazatec Sierra I was committed to the level of trust and surrender required to truly experience the power of the work, not only of the mushrooms from this sacred place, but also the observations, words of wisdom, insight, and experience of Mario himself.

Although the retreat largely focuses on the Mazatec’s traditional use of the psychedelic mushrooms that are scattered along the landscape and sweat lodge or temezcal ceremonies, mine began with a bang. Inhaling a dose of Bufo (5Meo-DMT), propelled me on my guided tour to the center of the universe, a peak into the other side, where the realization that we are everything and nothing, where reality is morphed into a flash of transcendent shimmering white beauty, a place where peace remains for eternity.

Over the following 6 days, there were 3 mushroom ceremonies and 2 temezcal sweat lodges. The insights and learnings about myself, reality, and how to live a good life that I gained in this short time will shape the rest of my life, I am sure of it. A truly magical learning experience.

To be invited into the homes of the indigenous family, eat their food, sleep in their home and participate in sacred mushroom ceremonies, with their mushrooms, and under their guidance is a privilege I find hard to believe actually happened.

The work being done by Mario, the host Mazatec family, the mountain, and the mushrooms during this retreat is life-changing. It is impossible to put into words the value this experience will have on my life. I foresee myself thinking about this experience when I’m laying on my death bed looking through the chamber of memories, if I do not implement the lessons I learned on this mountain for the rest of my life I will die disappointed in myself.

Forever Grateful

Joshua Turnbull

July 2022

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