"Root and Sky" A high and profound work, an invitation to transcend your limits working in  power places that honor the name. One higher than the clouds, the other deep underground. The Nevado de Toluca Volcano and The San Jerónimo Underground River.


This journey is a fusion of adventure sports, inner conscious work with tools and techniques to explore and modify one's personality and life into a richer experience.

This work unravels in a holistic view of the person. A fantastic way to grow having fun and enjoying nature deeper than ever.

We explore and work with the body, the mind, feelings, relationships, nutrition, general health, to create an optimal healthy foundation to allow consciousness and a lucid existence.

We meet and engage to work the poderios (Conscious forces)  of nature and their awareness. as a source of inspiration and strength to overcome any difficulties that might exist in your life. Challenges that invite you to transcend the blockages and limitations. Catapult yourself to the best version of yourself.


01 to 07 of April 2022

Duration: 7 Days

Experiential Live Workshop:

Guerrero and Estado De Mexico states in Mexico

Registration Deadline: 

20 of March 2022  

Early-bird Discount 20% OFF: 

Before 01 March 2021

Space Limited to 14 people






You will learn shamanic tools, transcendental psychology

procedures and holistic practices,  that aim to free and awaken 

your consciousness, leading into an integral health and well being. 


Our journey begins in the San Jerónimo Subterranean River in the state of Guerrero, is a mind blowing and unforgettable experience. This magnificent cave is part of one of the largest cave systems in the world. We will enter guided by a team of professional speleologists experts in that cave.

The entrance portal is in the state of Morelos. We will swim in the river, walk on the side shores, and climb inside the huge formations. Eventually we camp on one of the river's beaches, make a fire, have dinner and a good sleep. The next day our exit portal awaits us in the state of Guerrero, just below the Cacahuamilpa grotto by the Dos Bocas river.


This cave allow to make contact and work with the being of  Mother Earth as we flow in one of her arteries. A very special attention walk will guide us inside ourselves during the whole journey. Here we will explore techniques, and exercises that allow acute attention lucidity, that trigger states of heightened awareness allowing to enter the subconscious, in the world of lucid dreams to find improvements for your person and life.

This cave as an initiatory experience invites to a portal death and rebirth experience, where you can allow yourself a deep understanding about how to leave behind personal aspects that you no longer wish to continue to worship, and invite yourself to be reborn from your awareness to a new and better life experience. A transition portal that could mark the end of a life you wish no more, and the beginning or a new life full of opportunities.



Exiting the cave we will stay in "Ixtapan de la Sal", where we will treat to the body with a special gift after such work. We will be hosted in a Hotel SPA, and have a full body massage, hydro massage, sauna, floatation tank (isolation chamber) we'll have wonderful food in their delicious restaurant, and a great rest to continue the journey.



The visit to the Xinantécatl volcano (Nevado de Toluca), in the State of Mexico where we have the opportunity to explore techniques and tools that are consistent with that power place particular energy. There we will learn and explore attention walks, we will engage with the being of the trees, fire, and water in the two lagoons  inside the crater.

We will create power objects and offerings related to your personal quest and work. One of the attention walks leads us to the top, crowning the work at 4690 meters high, from where you can see the entire horizon 360 degrees around.

We will be hosted in the alpine lodge at mid volcano, from where you can see an eagle  view above the clouds.


From the root to the sky.

You might ask yourself why this places are chosen? One of the main "Poderios" (Conscious forces) we work with in this trip is Water, Mother Water as some indigenous nations call her. The melting of snow and the rains on the Xinantecatl Volcano sink underground, eventually forming important rivers, the main one is the San Jeronimo underground river. That's why we are open a relationship with water on the cave, and follow her fluid path,  her teachings and force inside the San Jeronimo underground river.


This special experience is a proposal to grow that invites to recover lost consciousness, and to awaken parts that are still asleep. To rescue the true magical nature of oneself, and deepen your relationship with the being that unconditionally gives us all food, home and love; The Earth.

This experience is a conglomerate of techniques  practices, and procedures. Actions that trigger understanding; 

-know how- to create a balanced, positive, rich and healthy way of living.

The workshop offers a series of methods that open the opportunity to modify your habits, to be able to change routines, and this way help you reinvent yourself based on your own conscious takeovers.

Gift yourself the possibility to stop living permanently locked in the mechanical routine of the ego. Create the person your heart really wishes to be, by knowing how to apply strategic purposeful acts to change the course of your life.

It is also the opportunity to rescue forgotten parts of the unlimited human potential, like: inner balance, attention, focus, lucidity, recover creativity, holistic health, and rearrange personal power to optimal conditions, among other things.


In synthesis it's an intense and joyful experience that leads to the comprehension of areas of oneself through direct experience, knowing -how to- through procedures to work in the health of your body, mind, feelings, and consciousness.




Everything that exists is energy: this measure is unique, universal and absolute.

You are a conscious energy field; as all life manifestations are. You are not an ego.


This proposal of inner development leads to the comprehension of your reality as a conscious unity; as an energy field, and the way you use your personal energy to live. It gives you the possibility to figure out how much energy you have, how to save it, and how to re-direct it, to create a better and more harmonious energetic level, a more awakened consciousness, and therefore a healthier person with a better life quality. To understand that energy goes to where attention goes, so we direct it carefully.


One of the magical aspects of indigenous nations is their relationship with Nature and the "Poderios" (the conscious powers that create the world, with the spirit of life) In the journey we transmit the procedures to rescue the relation of our Spirit, with the intelligent forces of life; to recover our true nature of magical beings, and decide how we want to be and live, instead of being trapped in the social conditioning imposed by society, and be run over by accidental events. Learn to manifest on purpose the life you want, instead of living accidental  or "random events" (Consequences) not knowing why. 


The invitation is to create to give, instead of consuming to take.




  •  The ego, its origins and it´s possible de breakdown


  • Personal power, use, saving, and energy redirection


  • The magic of attention; deep self observation; stalking


  • Movement and actions as a form of knowledge


  • Relationship with the conscious powers of life "Poderios

  • Recover inner balance.

  • Connections with Nature and Mother Earth

  • Holistic health and body ballance