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A shamanic initiation that allows returning to the origin where the body and the spirit of everything that exists on earth comes from.


To heal wounds from things that happened, solve mental, emotional, or energetic patterns, to recapitulate personal history, arrange the past, to forgive, or detach, to trust and open to love, to prepare for a difficult challenge, or big change, to close and open cycles, to recover balance and harmony, dissolve traumas, or finish digesting grief, or the end or a relationship, for profound self-observation, to connect and re-charge strength from the love of Earth, to ask for advice, and recover the sober consciousness of being mortal.

No doubt this procedure is the best therapist you can ever find.


11 - 16 December 2022

Registration Deadline:  December 01

Early Bird Discount 10% OFF before November 11

Duration: 6 Days

Experiential Live Workshop:

Palenque, Chiapas. Mexico

40Space is limited to 10 people

Distance Guided Workshop: HERE

E-mails, Video Conferencing







It's possible to open a conscious dialogue with the being of the planet,

and receive from her, and the Universe, loud and clear answers.


Everything that exists on the earth came out of her; the body of every inhabitant of the planet is nothing else but soil and water organized with supreme intelligence, the incredible diversity that lives on the planet, the texture of her skin, is nothing else but her body manifesting an infinity of variations, though all her children.


It's the Earth where the potential and ways to manifest any life form we know about are contained. For all who exist on the world Earth is life itself, without her there would be nothing.

Therefore it´s not difficult to understand that the Earth is not only our creator and Mother, but also a Goddess that manifests life in ways that outgrows our most dare full dreams. That´s why to connect with her being and consciousness opens all the possibilities our heart wishes.




It's important to be aware of the fact that someday we shall return to earth for good, just the same as an infinity of plants and animals have already done since the world exists, the earth has already been any amount of live beings you can imagine; she has given birth and home to every possible species during millions of years, yet she is always fresh and fertile, permanently ready to become life. Earth is at the same time, our ancestors, our present, and our final destination.


Getting buried opens the possibility of awakening, and healing the consciousness of death; to comprehend in depth that we are mortal beings, and someday our body shall go back to the place where it came from, that time on this world is finite, and that every moment is unique, and therefore marvelous. Every day we live, we have one day less, which makes the remaining time even more valuable, our stay in this marvelous existence is ephemeral.
That we will die any moment, and that we can't give for granted even the next minute.


The most important aspect of awakening the consciousness of being a mortal is that you can live knowing that, as long as you are alive, and take advantage of time, to intent who you really wish to be in the deepest of your heart. To live knowing that you are present, acting purposefully, being responsible for your actions and consequences, enjoying in active peace this mysterious marvel.


Getting buried is a practice, and a portal that opens access to important parts of your own awareness, consciousness, and connections you have with life, this is enough to inspire and seek betterment, an enlightening practice that brings lucid soberness to life.



We will work in powerfully beautiful places where we will make connections with their forces, and intelligences. 
The particular energy of each of these places is the perfect foundation to explore, work, and deepen on the exercises, tools, and techniques that prepare the participant for the burial. Each place has a different energy that perfectly suits the special work we do in there.

During the seven days the workshop lasts, we will work in the jungle, its rivers, waterfalls, caves, cliffs, ponds and the archeological Maya sites of Palenque, and Yaxchilan.


Previous work is done to open connection and dialogue with Nature, to sensitize, and focus on personal work,

to deepen the use of the techniques and tools that will be used during the burial.


Finally we will dig a "box" in a special way, the space where the participant will enter at sunset, to come out at dawn.

This box is similar to a tomb, but the participant is not immersed in soil, it's more like a cocoon to go through a metamorphosis, this box has a lid made of logs, which is covered by a thick layer of the soil that was dug out.

This box has breathing ducts in a way that fresh air will be flowing, they are also used to communicate, as the process is guided with instructions along the night, they may also be used to call for the coordinators assistance in case its necessary.




This is a practical work, but also a spiritual invitation;  a portal for deep and important awareness in the life, like a rite of passage in life; from one stage to a higher one, a shamanic death and rebirth initiation, the beginning of a new way of living.


Somehow it's the return to the womb, in the body of Mother Earth, and with her help to shapeshift, to reshape into a healthier form, a place for a profound introspection, and consciousness takeovers, with it's respective commitments born from there. An opportunity to fine fine tune all that  requires to be addressed, modified, or molded, inside mother´s womb is where we all got a form, it´s the origin of our time and energy. With her help and purposeful work, to become a better formed human, and to be reborn like that.



If you want to participate and are not able to come to the live workshop, this work is given in parallel via Internet, no doubt more difficult to do, and with less support, companions feedback, and practices, but much better than not doing it at all.

The participant receives work instructions by e-mail. You also count on support with a pair of video conferences (Previous appointment) e-mail, phone call, or Whatsapp, at any moment during the workshop. (Office hours)

You will need at least three days available to insulate yourself in nature in an inaccessible place where people can't reach, to assure the privacy of your work. You will also need the help and support of a person of your total trust.

(This modality is not cheaper than assisting the experiential work,

except for the trip to participate in person)



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