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In the state of Guerrero border with Morelos state, there's a cave system catalogued as one of the biggest on the planet. One of the caves; the "Cacahuamilpa" Grotto, no end has been found so far. 

In this area two water currents that have carved huge caves though millions of years, becoming underground rivers. The "Chontalcoatlan River" and the "San Jeronimo River" the second one, an enormous, powerful cave, is our visit.  

We enter in the state of "Morelos" and exit the next day in the state of " Guerrero", after it's 7.5 kilometers, of swimming, climbing, hiking, and camping overnight in one of the river's beaches.

Its rite of passage,  a rebirth from Mother Earth's into Father Sun's light, aiming to a new and better stage in life. It's not wishful thinking, or beautiful desires, but  a serious commitment with oneself.

The place is ideal to explore the personal shadow; the areas that are yet not visible to your consciousness, to know more about oneself.

Follow the lines that shadows trace, and you can find the source of light. Understanding one's flaws and mistakes,  awakens awareness, as they point to our virtues.

A place o close, and open chapters in life, to forgive, to detach, to die and be reborn.

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