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For the Vision Quest we arrive to the desert, in the highlands of San Luis Potosi. It's a very strong and profound power place. For 4000 years the destination point of Wirrarika pilgrimages. 

As a rule in Nature; we approach asking permission, with respect, humbleness, and sharp attention, that entails being aware of the dust size one has inside life, in the middle of wilderness, like in such a serious and vast place that adjoins with Mystery.

In this silent, magical, and profound desert is where each participant will embark for a few days the solitary retreat, fasting from one to four days in nature, working on the appropriate steps and procedures to enter a Vision Quest; to trigger the intent to call for the revelation that will bring the necessary clarity to the seeker, to reveal the next steps, and begin a better way of being and living, or even to find out what is the life mission to follow.

San Luis


After the Vision Quest solitary retreat, the most important attention walk of the the entire pilgrimage awaits, one that leads to the top "Leunarre" or "El Palacio del Gobernador" (The Governor's Palace) one of the most sacred, and important places for the Wirrarika nation, and the highest mountain in the desert. On the peak a closing ceremony occurs, thanking for life to us so lavishly, allowing to arrive all the way to that point in life, for the gifts along one month of work, and experiences; revelations, forgiveness, healing, detaching, cleansing, understanding, conscious takeovers, the renewed energy... for everything. There we express blessings for the world, nature, all the species, humans, and loved ones, and leave offerings sealing a serious commitment to work to become a better person who will manifest a shiny life through purposeful actions.


Once the pilgrimage ends, marks the beginning of the real challenge, where you return to your everyday life, and intent the corresponding work to  that which you became aware of. 

Expecting nothing, but giving your best possible, to catapult into a person who lives a better life, manifested through purposeful, and directed actions. Yes, the perfect battlefield for a freedom warrior, also known as "The path with a heart". Would you like to walk your path?

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