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Two weeks. four states of Mexico. ten power places. 3000 km. of adventures!



The connections


      One of the goals of this journey is to open a lucid dialogue and relationship with Nature, to connect and reconnect with her harmony, knowledge and power, and rescue the magical and free origin which belongs to us all by birth right.

Each place we visit has a dominant element and energy, "Poderio" (Conscious Power) with whom we engage purposefully to work with. These are conscious powers creators of the world: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.


The tropical jungle,  turquoise rivers, powerful waterfalls,  antique Mayan Cities, the special mountains, and forests, a high altitude volcano, dream like caves, an underground river, and as a closing point, the outstanding vastness of the desert.

Each place we visit has a particular energy, intelligence and knowledge, also related to parts of oneself and own consciousness. These places and their power, enhance and support your work towards consciousness.

Embrace Life

This work frame invites you to face different caliber battles and the resulting conscious takeovers. Insights about your life and person, opens the possibility to transcend limits and flaws that block or stop you. You can teach yourself how to manifest the dreams of your heart into realities.


An Entrance Portal to Toltec Knowledge

Learn procedures to work on the self, aiming towards freedom and lucidity, through focus, and attention.

It's an extensive and intense work, for those seeking a serious and lasting changes, and wish to find ways to live in plenitude.  Fit for those already immersed in a growth process, and seeking for additional elements to transcend themselves, but also for those who wish to begin a serious path in life.

No doubt this is the perfect work for those who need to discover the next steps to be taken in life, or for those looking for the purpose of their life mission. It's a door opening for those who heard a call for a Vision Quest.


A space to make a pause in life and see it from another perspective, to recapitulate your personal history, with the help of efficient tools, procedures to create a better reality, and learn them immersed in an empowering retreat. A vivifying, profound and beautiful personal work to go beyond your limits, while you nourish yourself with places of extraordinary beauty and companions sharing the quest and path.

Prepare Yourself


If this journey is something you wish do, you need to be in good physical, mental and emotional shape, to embark on it correctly. You don't need to be an athlete, just a normal physical endurance will do perfect.


We will we will make long attention walks, climb mountains, arrive to the peak of a volcano, drift on a river for hours, enter caves, go to an underground river for two days, sweat lodge, indigenous dances, a lonely retreat in nature, fasting, among other things. All of them magnificent experiences with a normal physical endurance, and good health.


Exercise in exchange for your efforts, gifts you with strength, youth, endurance, lucidity, and the capacity to do this joyful activities in beautiful places, difficult to reach places in nature, but open to those who do a bit of effort to arrive.  

You  depend on your body; it's a basic foundation, not only for the pilgrimage, but for your entire life.  As a preparation, eat well, sleep the necessary, drink plenty water, take care of your sexual energy, and avoid negative and wasteful emotions, and stress as much as possible. 

The better prepared you arrive to this pilgrimage the better results you will have.

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