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In the high forest areas, one of the power places we visit is the "Xinantecatl" volcano, with two lagoons inside the crater.  Here we spend a few days hosted in the alpine refuge.
This magnificent volcano is the perfect foundation to explore special activities and challenges, and the opportunity to transcend personal limits.
Exciting work, especially one of our attention walks that leads to "El Pico el Aguila" summit at 4550 meters high. (14928 feet), from where a wonderful 360° view is appreciated all the way to the horizon. 

This place has a peculiar power, it is demanding, but gifts has a deep teaching in exchange for the special efforts made there.

Edo de Mexico


Since pre-hispanic times this majestic volcano and power place is visited, by indigenous groups, a place for ceremonies, initiations, to leave offerings for personal commitments to the lagoons of the Moon, the Sun, and the solidified magma mound between them.

The practices to explore there generally awaken unseen aspects of the the self, that may even awaken altered states of consciousness that show hidden virtuales available to transcend oneself.
This volcano talks as you walk and work on his body and energy, it opens a full size mirror to see yourself in detail.

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