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teach yourself

Teach yourself the joyful and profound art of acting on purpose;
the practical way to become who your heart wishes to be.


The path with a heart proposal is no doubt the most important and fulfilling challenge any human may embark into. The adventure of exploring oneself, to create ways to manifest a lucid present; a creative and loving existence, based on awareness, consciousness, and manifested through purposeful directed actions.

The intent to walk the path with a heart in life is a great challenge full of teachings, satisfactions, and beauty; a constant invitation to transcend personal limitations, and open freedom portals, to seek how to awaken and broaden oneself into consciousness, and live in a rich and powerful manner, aiming to betterment and freedom in the most splendid way that personal power allows you to.


The real priorities of a human being are to preserve health and develop consciousness

the toltec procedure


Toltequity is a sober and neutral proposal to explore and open to consciousness, without doctrine, dogma, or belief system to follow, aiming only towards freedom and lucidity; to be responsible for one's actions and consequences. 

This position allows daily life betterment, through an open and profound dialogue with life, based on concrete actions carried out intentionally, and learning from the consequences that answer back.


Toltec knowledge main focus is to act carefully in the ways that personal energy is used, based on strategic behavior, self-awareness, and creativity, to design and direct the course of life toward a deep, lucid, creative, and beautifully rich experience; this proposal is called: The Path of The Heart.

The essence of Toltec knowledge and true understanding of it can only be attained through direct experience.

Reality and our person are not made, or modified with concepts, beliefs, or ideas, but rather through actions.
The proposal is to create an art piece out of your life; to manifest yourself as deep and rich as your heart wishes.

The reason for our workshops is to provide tools, techniques, and a safe platform for those interested to learn by themselves, to explore, awaken, heal, and transcend who they are, and the ways they live. To find knowledge by direct experience.
The Toltec proposal is to be responsible for one's actions and consequences, this is the foundation of real freedom.




Any person sincerely searching for knowledge to rescue its own consciousness; is a Toltec.

Who were the ancient Toltecs?

Two thousand years ago in southern Mexico the Toltecs were known as women and men of knowledge, they were a group of people who gathered to create life as spirit artists. They were architects, builders, healers, and artisans. They were known for being noble, courteous, and respectful to each other, soft and attentive in their personal dealings, loyal and honest.


The ancient Toltecs merged with the Mayas bringing great splendor to this culture; They were a highly refined civilization of ancient Mexico, undoubtedly the root culture of extraordinary knowledge; they created a surprising technology in balance with nature which allowed them to deepen in the development of consciousness, perception, and lucidity through practices and experiences: with acts and not through intellectual assimilation or speeches.


The Toltec culture developed itself in the north valley of Mexico in the early post-classical period; they were present from the 800 to the 1100 a.c. in the region between Zacatecas and the Yucatan peninsula.


"Toltec" is a Nahuatl term that does not refer to a historical nation, but to cultural belonging. All Mesoamerican nations considered themselves Toltecs.


The cultural product of the Toltecs was called Toltecayotl, Toltequity: the art of living.

They learned and grew together to become conscious of who they really were and how to dream and manifest a life of love and happiness. They managed to transcend ordinary human awareness in order to reach personal freedom. They developed the intent to awaken deep consciousness, transforming themselves, armed with the courage to face and to know who they really were, and with this knowledge, they changed their way of being and living.


The love that most of us know in our culture is frequently painful; we suffer from jealousy and attachment or makes us want to control one another. For the Toltec, love is an unconditional power that comes from the essence of everything that IS; from where everything that exists was created in this dream that is life.

This knowledge, the path with a heart, is not the property of any ethnic group; but belongs to any person honestly seeking ways and means to rescue or awaken to consciousness.

Come to know this way of relating

to oneself, and life.

Hikuri Nierika
who werw the toltecs
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