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We just got back from the Mazatec Sierra!

Hello friends! Brotherly greetings! So as promised, here is the update. Please read till the end Thanks

We had not gone to the Sierra since last year when we visited Julia, to our farewell. Since then, the entire grieving process and the closeness we kept with the family was by phone or text. Doña Julia was the head of the family almost in every possible way. Many times Mazatecs operate in a matriarch frame, this was the case of this family since Julia's husband died decades ago. Julia's loss is big and left a huge empty space, and still, family members don't know exactly how to fill it. Julia passed only last December. Obviously, they are still grieving. Yet they are standing up, they are active, challenged, and still a bit confused, they keep alive their good mood and good humor despite the sadness they live. They all say: "We are learning to live again" The majority are young people, some teens, children, and recently arrived babies.

The biggest son of Julia, Fausto, and his wife just received a baby two weeks ago.

A girl, Fausto is considering to name her "Julia" To honor his mother.

The Ceremonies It was very interesting to see how all related to the sacred plants and ceremonies are such an important aspect of their culture that it is not affected by whatever is going on in everyday life, not even grieving... All their work and attention around sacred plants, ceremonies, and healing is profound, special, and important, you can feel their actions with their minds in silence... Sacred plants, a magical place outside of the everyday world. The ceremony went smoothly, the participants had a very good and transcendental experience and found things they were looking for.

WE NEED YOUR HELP TO SUPPORT THE FAMILY PLEASE! We have planed a near visit Basically, because we know they are now struggling, and need support, the pandemic did arrive at the sierra, basically, every business closed, many went broke, and almost everyone is jobless now, but still needing resources to live. Such is what we now saw. Our visit to their home provides them with work to earn very needed resources for the house, family, and animals. The days we visit them every family member has a job and they all team up smoothly, they do it very well. It's an honor to be received at home and be taken care of with such care. They have asked me for economic support now that no one has worked. I have sent all I can, yet it's not enough, they are many and all need, I know your kind support will make a life-changing miracle for all of them. Julia was the main economic force for the entire family, she provides everyone with her work, her mushrooms, her embroidery, her handmade tortillas, her coffee, and honey, now they are learning how to hold the house in place and fulfill all their needs. The fakedemic has not been of any help in this difficult matter, especially because even if they want to work there are no jobs anywhere, let's remember they live in the middle of nowhere in the vast Mazatec Sierra.

In the Mazatec Sierra 35 years ago Hermelinda (The mother of Julieta) taught me that "One hand washes the other hand" because one hand alone cannot fully wash. Meaning they give us something we don't have, and we give them something they don't have.

...two hands help each other, both benefit, both win, both clean both bettered...

Would you come with us next August?

The Mazatec Sierra has since ever been a territory of magic, healing, lucidity, and consciousness thanks to its extraordinary people and their profound Sacred Plants. A place to transcend, grow, find, detach, forgive, clean, find... This time your visit would have an additional layer of beauty, providing the family with work and resources to have it easier at this moment.

Would you join this humanitarian mission, honoring us with your presence? Do you know anyone who would benefit from such a journey? Could you please share this invitation with others? Thanks!

You can't come but still, wish to support? Your donations are welcome. (They will be given hand to hand) <3

Dear friends From the deepest of our hearts, thanks for being present for these people, I wish we may go see them together, and if not to be able to send them help on your behalf.

May your life be filled with Health Success and Abundance


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