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Grow with powerful techniques, and discover yourself with beautiful challenges.

Con Ciencia Indígena is a call to your Spirit!


Framed in outdoor activities in nature, in places of exuberant beauty, not only do we have great fun, but we also use these places as a platform to explore the self with fantastic challenges, using tools and techniques rooted in ancient knowledge and cutting-edge psychology. Our aim is to catapult participants into becoming better people with improved ways of living.

These experiences joyfully change your life for good and will continue to unravel day by day in the coming years.

Toltec knowledge is the source of most of the techniques we use. It is a spherical unit better understood by breaking it into subtopics.

During the trips, we explore and learn special exercises and techniques that open up acute self-awareness. Each activity combines several elements to explore. These tools of deep awareness are understood only through direct experience, bringing crystalline and silent awareness in a unique way.

Each of our workshops is completely different from the others we teach. They are designed to address different parts of the person.

Learn how to practically apply this knowledge in your daily life.

Each workshop is a different and specific gateway to understanding and solving issues related to your mind, emotions, routines, and habits. These experiences were created to help you improve and transcend yourself.

Each workshop retreat and journey happens only once a year. 

Don't think for too long to participate. We are all ephemeral...

What happens in this experiences


Recover Asleep Parts of Self-Awareness:
Rescue forgotten parts or still-hidden areas of consciousness to reach human potential through interaction with nature.

Special Attention Management:
Techniques and procedures to redirect and guide your attention in the most efficient ways. Learn how to use attention efficiently for your betterment.

Energy Saving:
Tools and specialized actions to learn how to stop wasting energy, saving it and redirecting it in more efficient and healthier ways.

Warrior Attitude:
The fundamental foundation for success, to manifest the deepest wishes of the heart into realities. Learn how purposeful efforts are the paths to transcend beyond personal limits, accessing and awakening your full potential still asleep.

Connect with the Powers of Nature:
Open a lucid relationship with the "Poderios"—the foundation of who you are. (Conscious elements and forces that form life)

Connect with Power Places:
Work with the consciousness and energy of special places as a support for personal betterment. Learn to be catapulted by their high energy. Establish lasting connections with Nature that will remain alive from that moment on.

Group Coexistence:
Selfish behavior is avoided by helping others while receiving help as well; fundamental in the battle against the ego. This is a constant dynamic we explore and work with during every one of our workshops.

Recovering Inner Balance:
A foundation for a healthy personality. Learn to stalk yourself, discover and be aware of how much energy things need, how much is wasted on unnecessary things, and how to act in an efficient and healthy way. Find the ways to use only the necessary amount of time and energy each thing requires—no less, no more. This balance is known as the art of impeccability.

Deep cleansing and ordering of personal history, restructuring the way energy was used along personal history. A technique to recover wasted energy and to disassemble made-up stories from the past that shaped and trapped the individual in the mold of personality, producing suffering and energy leaks.

Ego Deconstruction:
The deep understanding of the ego's mechanisms and routines teaches how to loosen its structure and eradicate inner pain. Learning how to stalk it (sharp self-observation), transform the challenge into a map to transcend oneself by what is learned from it, instead of assuming it's a negative part of your mind. In such fashion, it's the best teacher you can find to transcend the actual state.

Strategy Design:
Learn to design strategies and action plans; purposeful acts to create the needed reality and consequences. Awaken your conscious creativity.

Work with Nature:
Connect with the spirit of life, experiencing great joy in interacting with the beauty of nature. Understand the relationship between it all and yourself, guiding you to achieve objectives. Make real and lucid commitments with yourself in front of life to work on your betterment, knowing that once made, the only choice you have is to make them real and become better.

Spiritual Connection:
The work is permanently rooted in life forces; with Grandfather Fire, Mother Earth, Mother Water, Mountains, Forests, Brother Trees, Animals, and group companions; with the essence of life in general. If you are open to this, it can also be a platform to open and fine-tune your relationship with life.

Enjoying the Moment:
Last but not least important, to enjoy and find oneself in deep and joyful ways—with oneself, with the beauty and power of unique and magical moments, with nature, other people, and opportunities to exist—and try to incorporate it into your everyday life.

All this happens while traveling through places full of magic, hidden from the eyes of the common visitor.

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