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The cure for trauma, which is the root cause of anxiety, depression, and addiction.

Bufo Alvarius therapy heals decades of trauma and even generational

chains of trauma-based behavior patterns in a one-hour private session.


Preparation - Ceremony - Integration

Duration: Three hours


- Palenque, Chiapas. Mexico.
- Tulum Quintana Roo
. Mexico.

- Your place, or group, Mexico and other countries.

Appointments under request.





Bufo Alvarius therapy is ideal for healing traumas that normally appear as anxiety, depression and addictions.

It is also highly recommended even for apparently healthy people to resolve emerging mental and emotional knots, which without resolution can physically manifest themselves as psychosomatic diseases.


It is an endemic toad of the Sonoran desert, which secretes a substance called 5MeO-DMT (methoxydimethyltryptamine) to protect itself from heat. This substance is what provides the medicine and is extracted from its glands by squeezing it without any physical damage or suffering to the toad and releasing it imediately after.

The experts affirm that the 5MeO-DMT that the Sonoran toad secretes is the most powerful entheogen that exists on earth and that it allows connection with the deepest being of the person who consumes it, by connecting it with the inner god; apparently it opens the the pineal gland, also called the gland of the spirits.

It is said that all living beings - plants, animals and humans - have this molecule in their bodies. In the case of humans, we segregate it on at least two occasions in our life cycle: the first is when we are born and the other is when we die; however, there is no DMT in any life form that potentially resembles that of the buffo alvarius.



It's a molecule that is already present in the brain, it's a hormone and a neurotransmitter, and is produced by the pineal gland in very low doses. When this substance is externally supplied to the body, it begins to circulate through the serotonin receptors, triggering powerful heightened states of consciousness.


246 / 5000

Undoubtedly it's a death and rebirth experience, where your ego has no space to be and you stop being a selfish unit to merge with the whole. When you consume it, you realize what you really are and you are present like never before, you understand that nothing is missing, that you are existence itself. That you were never apart, that everything has always been one infinite, it is not that "you" are in it. There is no "you",  you are it with all. Even if it's just for a moment, to know that the real you is not the ego completely and profoundly changes your life, this heals deeply.


The extraordinary beauty of the experience can only be described as a kind of miracle, a quantum leap in which you leave behind unnecessary weight and pain, a beautiful and liberating death to transcend into a better state of the self to arrive into a richer existence. It is to be born into a better life.

To access the experience there is a preparation stage one day before the initiation ceremony.

The day after your experience, an integration work is done to apply the experience in a practical way in your daily life.

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