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Special work
Special work
Special work

Experiencing abundance in all areas of life, love, creativity, freedom, money, etc.
is a choice that can be manifested deliberately.



Whenever you feel ready


Five weeks




The natural state of Nature is one of abundance, where everything exceeds what is needed, and there is plenty. As humans, we should align with this energy, but the way we live and societal molds often pull us away from it.

Learn or recover the capacity to integrate into the abundant flow of energy within yourself, and manifest it in your everyday life, for yourself and others.

No, it's not a best-seller "secret," nor a way to become a millionaire overnight for free. Sadly, most people are attracted to the idea of abundance solely for monetary benefit. Yes, once you tap into abundance, money will flow, but real abundance is not about digits on a computer or a safe full of jewels. Real abundance encompasses all aspects of your life, bringing a higher understanding of energy, nature, life, relationships, goods, emotions, and ideas. Abundance—the word says it all.

Welcome to the world of higher consciousness, where you can live and love a better life.


  • Understand the concepts of lack and abundance to build the right foundations.

  • Tap into the natural flow of energy.

  • Explore exercises to deepen your knowledge of abundance.

  • Learn to embrace abundance as a way of being and living.

  • Develop spiritually.

  • Engage in profound self-exploration.

  • Overcome a mindset of scarcity.

  • Improve your relationships with others and with life itself.

  • Become a person who embodies abundance.



The funds from this workshop are allocated to support our animal sanctuary.

In addition to the abundance you will generate in your life and others, you will also be aiding over 27 rescued animals, many of whom were saved from the hands of death, most were found in extreme circumstances.

These animals have been in our care for many years, and some are becoming elders, requiring special attention, more frequent vet visits, specialized diets, and supplements. We also face occasional, and increasingly frequent, unexpected emergencies that demand immediate attention.

I've kept this sanctuary afloat for over three decades. I used to have help from people who eventually left, but for the past three years, I've been managing everything alone, with all expenses coming out of my pocket. When emergencies arise, I'm not always prepared for the unexpected, which can be very stressful. Therefore, your kind support is greatly appreciated, particularly when faced with unforeseen challenges.

Thank you immensely for your heartfelt support of this mission!

You can view the sanctuary mission and pictures of the furry creatures HERE.

If you are not interested in the Abundance Program but would like to help this cause, you can contribute through donations.

Would you be my Patreon? HERE

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