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Due to its distinctive ability to reset neural pathways damaged by trauma, grief, and addiction, and its capacity to induce the brain to return dopamine and serotonin production to pre-disbalance baseline levels, this is probably the most profound and effective tool to do so.




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Ibogaine is a natural extract derived from the Iboga shrub, indigenous to West-Central Africa. Renowned among seasoned psychedelic users, it is hailed as the most potent entheogen globally. Originally employed by the Bwiti tribe in Africa for initiation into adulthood thousands of years ago, Ibogaine can now be leveraged to advance one's state of being.


Ibogaine produces a dreamlike phenomenon. (Lucid dreaming) People who take it often describe experiencing a slideshow of their lives, seeing events from a third-person perspective and reevaluating those memories in a different way. This unique aspect of Ibogaine offers a glimpse into the sacred, enabling clarity within a realm of exploration and self-reflection. It momentarily disrupts the habitual cycle of thought, allowing extensive inner work to be accomplished in a remarkably brief period.

Furthermore, Ibogaine is known to possess therapeutic qualities and has been employed to help individuals overcome addiction, depression, anxiety, grief, eating disorders, and other mental health problems. In several circumstances, Ibogaine has aided people in conquering personal battles and discovering a more profound sense of tranquility and purpose in their lives.

Ibogaine possesses a miraculous quality for psycho-spiritual purposes, transforming many lives profoundly.
You don't necessarily need to have a problem to explore your consciousness and deepen your inner growth.

While most testimonials are from people healing from addictions, this is primarily because those seeking Ibogaine for addiction treatment are often facing a life-or-death decision, choosing between the devastation of addiction or salvation through Ibogaine. Consequently, these testimonials are more prevalent. However, the profound insights and transcendence Ibogaine offers to inner seekers are equally extraordinary, though often less shared with the world. The depth of transformation and understanding it brings is unparalleled.

Nonetheless, the spiritual benefits vary based on factors such as the individual, dosage, setting, and mental state. It is crucial to approach the use of Ibogaine with respect and appreciation, recognizing it as a potent substance capable of exerting a substantial influence on one's life.

Individuals who have undergone Ibogaine sessions commonly describe it as the most intense experience of their lives, yet remarkably gentle. Unlike LSD and other synthetics, Ibogaine doesn't overwhelm users, and panic attacks or psychotic breaks are not reported during therapy. To date, no one has reported harm from an Ibogaine session; the most adverse outcome is spending the session resisting thoughts and awaiting the substance's exit from the body.


It is important to mention that addiction is not specific to quitting substances. 

Just as people get attached to substances, they also cling to ideas, memories, grief, routines, habits, and emotions, which can lead to unsatisfying ways of living. The blockages come from the mind's misguided ways of interacting with life. Ibogaine allows the breakthrough of these mental prisons, enabling individuals to enjoy life again.


Due to its distinctive ability to reset neural pathways damaged by addiction and its capacity to induce the brain to return dopamine and serotonin production to pre-addiction baseline levels, Ibogaine proves highly effective in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. In the context of opioid addiction, Ibogaine often offers a withdrawal-free detox, a remarkable feat considering opioids rank among the most challenging drugs to quit.

Not mentioned as often, but also significant, for the same reasons above, is that eating disorders are a type of mental addiction that Ibogaine can address. Those who have struggled with these issues for years or even decades can find a path to health and recovery through Ibogaine, restoring a healthy body and developing correct eating habits.


However, it's not a magical solution. The key factor is the individual's intentions. If the desire is freedom from suffering, Ibogaine can be beneficial.
Yet, if attachment to pain persists, Ibogaine may only offer temporary relief.

Often, substance abuse, mental, or even physical issues have spiritual or emotional roots, and Ibogaine therapy facilitates closure, acceptance, relief, and spiritual growth. As a highly effective anti-addiction treatment program, Ibogaine addresses the entire spectrum of the disease.
Utillized correctly it promotes radical spiritual growth, resolving social, emotional, and certain pathological problems.

Fundamental to a successful life reset is the willingness to do the homework afterward, integrating the experience through purposeful actions configuring a life project, action plans, and strategies that change how we live and engage with ourselves, others, and life in general.


A single Ibogaine treatment session has been compared to "10 years of psychoanalysis in a single night." Beyond addiction, Ibogaine has shown efficacy in addressing various mental health challenges, including:

  • PTSD, Complex PTSD

  • Processing childhood trauma

  • Dealing with loss and grief

  • Facilitating forgiveness and peace

  • Exploring unprocessed or repressed memories and experiences

  • Confronting fears and phobias

  • Bringing the subconscious to the conscious

  • Gaining perspective into one's deeper programs and thought patterns

  • Transcending to higher states of consciousness and lucidity


Indeed, forms of depression, anxiety, and trauma are aspects of the human experience that can impact the lives of individuals at various points.

Furthermore, Ibogaine is employed in treating a wide range of conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, dementia, Alzheimer’s, eating disorders, and numerous other mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical disorders.


Ibogaine not only aids in addressing the root cause of the disorder but also cleanses the mind of unwanted and limiting negative programming, restoring individuals to the clarity of their pre-trauma or pre-addictive state.


Many describe the experience as a comprehensive mind, body, and spirit "reset."

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