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The Most Difficult Path a Human May Find Is Freedom.

Yet the most satisfying. the fullest, the most lucid, and present. We now have no choice we have to change, or life will change us if we don't walk along. But change is inevitable.

Even if it would be an impossible proposal, it is well worth giving it a try it regardless of whatever.

For sure we will arrive much further in the development of our consciousness than not doing it.

Times of urgent changes are upon us.

Everything around is mutations into something else. Instead of resisting, and since we can't stop it, let's then dance with the storm. become one, and in such a situation invest the best resources in expanding into awareness and lucidity of being present in this beautiful Earth. Transcend into the highest possible for you. you'll be satisfied that in your life you did the best that you could.

Let's cooperate and take advantage of this portal moment of life, let's make out of it a catapult to arrive further.

These times are an opportunity to create the very best version of yourself, with all the tools, techniques, books, trips, healings, ceremonies, etc...

It's time to fuse it all and use it as a manual and prime matter, to create the best version of you.

Manifest oneself through purposeful actions, aiming for betterment and freedom.

Acting is who you are. Act the best you can on purpose.

Until we are cornered we dare to take the final decision and move, and make changes, just because there is no choice. everything will change... Now its that moment, humanity has been cornered to decide life-changing paths and attitudes towards life.

One can submit to technocracy

And die alive, fused with AI, and genetically modified, and cloud-connected... in genderless humanity, of virtual dreams... A biological "intelligent machine"

If we act weak and with no effort, surrender is really easy, it is made to be the easy path initially.... afterward its really expensive It's like in Hotel California: "You can always check-in, but you can never leave",

The system will be the one in control over your person.

The choice of suicide Yet impossible to judge, many have their reasons impossible to understand to take that door, Many just go by will, especially in times of overwhelming crisis.

Or send it all to where it belongs And dare the intent of living without the system, as if civilization would have disappeared for some reason, and we are left with nature. You can decide if terrible or wonderful.

You decide how you want to experience your brief stay here.

Yes like escaping war to survive, on a time machine, back to the golden ages of dominant closeness to nature. Is not what you always had in your dreams? Well, now it can become reality... When on a cliff, and there is no way back and the only way is ahead, takes just one step to the front to fly. Challenges are cliffs we don't jump until we have no choice.

Who knows how far and what difficulties life has after a long period of time in such a realm, it well could just be to live for a short period, free fantastic life.

It really doesn't matter how much before our departure.

What really matters is living free, based on a conscious relationship with life, nature, and the essence of it all.

The conscious quality of our brief existence is the highest we can aim as humans.

Con Ciencia Indigena

Aug 31, 2021


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