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Website Has Been Upgraded

Hello Friends. Just a quick note to let you know we had a long one month, ten hours a day work on the Website to make it phone friendly and navigation simplified: As you know this website was initially created for you people. We hope you like it. It is still made only for you. Sorry I resisted for so long to do and fix the phone version, I'm more a computer person and as a designer I never felt comfortable with the vertical screen on phones, but since most people now only use phones to surf the web, and computers seem to become a tool for people who use them for work only, I had no choice but to finally fully fix it.) The upgrades include: Finally elegant and practical menus for the phone version! Better looking Photo Galleries. New Testimonials section. New Workshops Page design and navigation. New Videos page. (New videos added) And a few tiny details here and there. Main Site: Hope to see you sometime again. Health Success and Abundance to you and all your loved ones. Con Ciencia Indígena P.S. People has been asking what is going to be our next workshop. it's "The Burial of the Warrior" next November 2019. (Fascinating profound and life changing experience) You can see all the details, information, photos, testimonials, and a documentary History Channel made from it.


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