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Become your Present in the Moment

If we use our mind to grasp the present, we will never make it. We will always discover ourselves to have missed the present and the now while thinking about it, this way it will always be the far past already, even if it's just a fraction of a second ago.

The only way to perceive and experience the here and now, is shutting the mind entirely. Silence is the only way.

That is why the really serious consciousness and spiritual branches make so much emphasis in SILENCE.

The intellect is not the operative system to access the here and now. But because we insist in processing everything with the mind,in fact we are never in the present, in reality, but in the dream of our thoughts, very frequently distorted by tags and descriptions, of our beliefs, fears and concepts.

We are all, and each one, alone, locked up in our private insulated mind.

Consciousness is everything that exists, yes, but it does not belong to humans in any way. We can open to it, enter in it, explore it, finally dissolve in it when its time to die... but there is not such thing as human consciousness. Silence your mind, enjoy the present of you being now.

- Mario Gómez Mayoerga 2019

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