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What is a Vision Quest?

The Vision Quest is an experience that has been present in many indigenous cultures in the world along humankind history and has characterized itself for the closeness to the Spirit and for the conservation of these traditions expressing that closeness.

Along history the Vision Quest is an old practice among people of shamanic traditions of the entire world. It is carried out in many different ways and it varies according to the cultural background of the seeker

In every case the basic element is insulation in wilderness from one to several days, frequently including fasting, chants, dances and prayers, that are made with the intention to call upon the Great Spirit so that he brings us the Vision that will guide our life from that moment on.

Our work is rooted in the surviving Toltec tradition, which can perfectly be applied to people of the modern world and may be successful into human development work.

The Vision Quest is a transition rite that marks the end of an epoch in life and the beginning of a new one; it’s a Death and Rebirth rite.

Like it´s name points to, it's about seeking for an important Vision into your life’s path, the vision that clarifies which is the real path you must follow in your existence, in which direction should you walk towards the mystery of the Spirit during the rest of your life, and who is it that you really have to be inside this wonderful life; to find which is your real Path with a Heart.

The Vision Quest is a solitary retreat. After a special preparation, the vision seeker retires away from his world to enter alone into a place in wilderness (desert or mountain) while fasting for a few days, penetrating into attention states that allow a deep encounter with the own Spirit (silent knowledge) and with the Great Spirit that surrounds us, stalks us and invites us every moment.

From this encounter it's that the real Vision comes from, the one that will be able to enlighten your path and transform your life.

With this profound practice, an initiation to an awakening and to a higher state of consciousness is searched, it’s a change omen and a call that life is making to you.

It’s up to you to figure out when and how are you going to respond to this call.

Every March - April we embark in this journey. Would you like to participate? Come and see the details, read testimonials of those who have participated, know the route and more...

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