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Mazatec Sierra, Oaxaca. Mexico 2020  A WORK FOR POST PANDEMIC TIMES

Mazatec Sierra 2020

Hello friends.

Greetings from the heart.

This time we have a unique and very special invitation for you.

This pandemic, fabricated or real, has brought strange tense times to most of humanity, this has lowered people's emotions, minds, and general stamina. The lockdown incarceration is well known to lower the immune system, weaken the body, and to havoc general endurance and stamina. Not moving the body, the lack of exposure to sunlight, depravation of fresh air, and the anguish and stress of permanent uncertainty, are some of the reasons to end up in such a fragile and vulnerable state. If once we can go out to recover living again, we will begin with a weak body, a low immune system, a mind and emotions loaded with anxiety, depression, sadness, doubts, confusion, etc., we'll face our new challenges with stress, and then the first steps, initial plans and actions will be based on wrong foundations, being weak, unstable, and probably aiming in wrong directions. That's why especially now, we invite you to join us to our yearly Mazatec Sierra journey, to work on the consequences this weird times brought to your person, health, mind and overall emotional state.

The reason for this special invitation is simple yet profound and powerful. As you know when we go to the Mazatec Nation, to our family there and their Sacred Plants, it's basically seeking their help for healing, balance, understanding, clarity, consciousness, and the recovery of general wellbeing. This is the same reason why this magnetic mountains have called so many people who successfully changed their lives for better. Sacred Plants are worldwide known for reprogramming the totality of the body, mind and emotions, into a sober and powerful balance that opens pathways to recover a holistic health as a direct and immediate consequence of the experience with them. How come this happens? During an experience with Sacred of plants, the brain is rewired during the experience, yes, in the brain neurons are rewired in a way that old and sick patterns are disconnected, and healthy neurons reconnections takes their place. The result is a different way of seeing things in general, not only for the mind and emotions, but also for the body itself, for the metabolism a different way of seeing itself opens. This is how and why healings happen during sacred Plants journeys. This is how illnesses, trauma, grief, depression, confusion, resentment, anguish, and many other painful things are healed and solved for good within hours. This is why to engage with Sacred Plants is also known as death and rebirth experiences; The sick dies, to open space for the healthy one to be born. Even sometimes people are so used to the way they are, and how they live, that only after a Sacred Plant experience they discover they were disharmonious, and out of balance living a sick life. Knowing this, and being witness of hundredths of lives change in this magical mountains, very especially in this strange moment for many people, we cannot keep quiet and not let you know this. This is why we invite you to come, very especially now. Probably in one of the most important moments in life, to engage with the knowledge and power of a Sacred Plant, and experience the recovery of freedom, health and strength, in the place where they grow, with the support and knowledge of the Mazatec people, who have built and entire bright culture and knowledge around this very special plants and their lucidity, allowing them to solve and better their existence since hundredths of years till today, opening to health portals and create lucid conscious lives. You also deserve to live free, healthy and to be powerful inside yourself, to act on purpose and build the life your heart wishes to live, no matter how difficult the world seems. Reality is something we project to the outside, you can be the architect of the world you want to live in. Come and return to the world ready to face any challenge and be successful in it.


Come with us to The Mazatec Sierra, Oaxaca, Mexico, deeper than Huautla, where the real Mazatec traditions are still alive and unpolluted, where civilization has not tainted this amazing indigenous nation.

It´s already more than 30 years of relationship with them, so it´s just like being home.


The Mazatecs are the second most preserved ethnic group in Mexico, direct descendants of the antique Toltecs, still live based on solid foundations from their ancient lineage.

For centuries they have maintained alive shamanic healing ceremonies and the herbalist knowledge to heal and awaken consciousness ​

This land has brought to the world amazing shamans and healers like Maria Sabina who awakened the ones who visited her, like Gordon Wasson, Aldous Huxley, Richard Evans Schultes, Timothy Leary, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Bob Dylan,Jim Morrison, Walt Disney, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Carlos Castaneda, among many other personalities.

For centuries they have kept alive herbalist knowledge, and shamanic healing ceremonies to awaken consciousness.​Toltequity shows how to act carefully based on energy and strategy, consciousness and creativity, to direct the course of life towards a deep, lucid, and creative experience; this proposal is called: The Path With of The Heart.

Date for 2020: 01st to the 07th of August Experiential Retreat.

​Registration Deadline: 15 of July

10% Courtesy discount if you register before July 01st of July

Space Limited to: 8 people

See details, pictures, know the workshop activities and register:

Heart to Heart Hugs Con Ciencia Indigena

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