Indigenous Science: With the Mazatec, Huichol and Maya of Mexico.

December 4, 2019

Interview with Mario Gómez Mayorga.


Mario Gómez Mayorga along with Rocio Lopez Ruiz, are the co-founders and co-operators of Con Ciencia Indigena, which means ‘with indigenous science’. Con Ciencia Indigena facilitates numerous spiritual workshops, transcendental experiences and sacred pilgrimages in Mexico, based upon the ancient Toltec way. For over 30 years now, Con Ciencia Indigena has helped people from all over the world to better themselves, grow and learn from the ancient Toltec’s descendants, the Huichol, Mazatec and Mayan peoples, who maintain their traditional ways of life and connection to the natural world. Con Ciencia Indigena offers a unique experience and insight into the traditional consciousness of the Huichol, Mazatec and Mayan peoples, by participating in their sacred ceremonies, fiestas, rituals, pilgrimages to sacred power places and way of seeing the world. In our increasingly dysfunctional, insane and heartless world, perhaps we all could learn something from our traditional elders.




For more than thirty years you have been in a close relationship with the most preserved indigenous cultu