The Profound and Powerful Magic of the Mazatec Sierra

July 16, 2019

We have just returned from the Mazatec Sierra.
Once again, our experience there was beyond our expectations.



A Bit of History

After Grandmother Julieta died, we found again Julia, Julieta's niece who we met some 35 years ago but with whom we lost contact for some 25 years, she is now a medicine woman, she opened for us the doors of her house far away from Huautla, in the depth and magic of the untouched Mazatec Sierra, where we found again the original magic of the Mazatecs, and the powerful and overwhelming beautiful nature of this place. Again we were able to enter and touch profound aspects of consciousness and the healing that characterizes those mysterious, powerful, and beautiful mountains.

The Recent Visit

The place has continued to open it's portals and secrets every time more.  With each visit we have engaged deeper than before, with the family members, with the place where they live,  their mountains, rivers and waterfalls, trees, caves and the sacred plants that lead to betterment, healings, awareness, and transcendence.

This time we were able to explore deeper the cave they have in their land, it is big, and we scouted till a point we could not go further as we found a downwards crack that would require ropes and equipment.... Maybe we will explore that with the proper gear sometime in the future. What a beautiful place. Now that we entered that far we have realized its a fantastic place to work and engage with with Mother Earth.

We were again joyfully received and beautifully treated by this family, they hosted us in their home, where they cooked for us simple delicious food, all harvested around the house, true, real, pure food, simple, yet delicious.
They built for us a Mazatec temazcal (sweat lodge) so we could go through the necessary cleansing before the Sacred Plants ceremonies. An interesting tunnel like structure, in contrast with the usual round design we are all used to.

They provided the precious space to go through deep inner work. The healing ceremonies are the real untouched tradition, and the medicine is effective, profound and powerful, like Huautla was 40 or 45 years ago, aspects that you cannot find there anymore due to the arrival of civilization. We found again something we had not experienced in the Mazatec Sierra for decades, and joyfully discovered it's still alive, powerful and untouched!

The Work