The Burial of The Warrior

November 3, 2018

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The Toltec Burial By: Con Ciencia Indígena



Would you imagine that you can get buried alive, to encounter with yourself, to heal, to find charity, to forgive, to digest a gief, to dia in flaws to be reborn with a new attitude?


Would you imagine that you can get in touch with the essence of the planet, and have a lucid conversation on the molding, creating, polishing yourself? It is, and it's like a possible shortcut to advance years in a couple of hours doing profound work on your person.


We invite you to make a deep and powerful connection with the marvelous being that through your entire life has unconditionally nourished, and given you home and love; The Earth.



Through a series of techniques carried out in the right atmosphere, where it’s possible to learn by direct experience how to make such connection; exercises and practices from Mexican indigenous origin that have as an objective to sensitize the practitioner to achieve such connection with Mother Earth, but also to be able to make important changes on the self; in the way of being and living.


To get physically buried in the ground is a shamanic initiation practice that allows returning to the origin from where we all come from; everything that exists on the earth came out of herself; our body is nothing else but soil and water organized with a supreme intelligence, everything we have eaten has been given by the earth, the water we drink, the spaces we inhabit and all the beings that we live among, everything we use every day, everything we know about, came out, and it is earth herself, the incredible diversity that lives on the earth's skin is nothing but her own body manifested in an infinity of possible variations. It's earth the prime matter that sometimes is dust and others is mud, where all the potential to create any life form that we know of is based.


For the ones existing in this world, life is earth herself, without her there would be nothing for us.



On the other hand and not less important is the fact that someday we shall return to earth for good, just the same as an infinity of plants and animals have already done since the world exists, the earth has been any amount of live beings that you can imagine; all the species possible during millions of years, The Earth and its beautiful soil has always been fresh and fertile, ready to become any life form always! Earth is at the same time our ancestors, our present, and out final de