The Peyote People: Interview with Mario Gómez Mayorga on Huichol Plant Medicine Traditions

October 27, 2018

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In our final conversation with Mario Gómez Mayorga, founder of Con Ciencia Indígena, we delve into his decades of experience learning from the Huichol tribe about their plant medicine traditions, particularly as they relate to the peyote cactus, which is central to their identity. As you read about their relationship with the peyote plant, I invite you to be cognizant of how vastly different our Western culture is from their 4,000-year-old indigenous practices, and to suspend any judgment of their traditions from our diametrically-different cultural standpoint.


For more background on Mario and Con Ciencia Indígena, read our first interview with him here, and to hear him speak about protecting native cultures, read our second interview here.