Integrating Huichol and Mazatec Wisdom Without Doing Harm Interview with Mario Gómez Mayorga

October 24, 2018


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The eagle and condor prophecy is an ancient First Nations tale from South America that describes a situation eerily similar to the world in which we find ourselves today. It was foretold that the Eagle people, who are described as masculine, industrial, and mind-oriented, would come close to destroying the Condor people, those who are based in the feminine, nature, and the heart. The interplay between the colonial Western world and the indigenous world over the last few hundred years seems to resonate perfectly with this vision. The prophecy states that just as the Condor people neared extinction, the Eagle people would change their ways and reunite with the Condor, flying together in the same sky again and dawning a new era for the human race.


Despite how you feel about ancient prophecies, it is clear that the industrialized Western world is wreaking havoc on the natural and indigenous worlds, and is plagued by epidemic levels of depression, anxiety, and existential malaise. It could be argued that one of the main reasons psychedelics are re-emerging as such powerful healing tools for Westerners is because they carry the wisdom of the Condor: putting people back in touch with nature, their sense of spirit, and their feelings of interconnection with other beings.


Mario Gómez Mayorga is the founder of Con Ciencia Indígena, a group that essentially teaches Condor ways learned from Mazatec and Huichol tribes to Eagle people, aka Westerners. His perspective on how to reunite these two ways of life is invaluable, and as you will see, hard won.


Thank you again for speaking with us, Mario. You have worked closely with indigenous tribes for many decades now. What did you learn from them that you did not expect to?


Working with these indigenous tribes, I saw things that I could have never imagined. We believe these people are primitive, but once you see how they live, the respect they have for nature, how they are in a permanent relationship with life and the elements, they have so much to teach us Westerners. One day, I realized that in our quest for self knowledge, for a path, for spirituality, for magic and all these things, we are actually looking forward to what they have always had: to be in a harmonious relationship with nature and life and ourselves. So that’s the future for us. We are so lost. So one day, I began seeing indigenous people as people of the future who live in harmony with life. That’s what we all really want, isn’t it? For me, that’s the future. And I’m sure if humanity would be like that, we would have an incredible world, for sure.




[Laughs] Yeah, people of the future! They traveled in a time machine and they’re here to teach us something. But they are here knowing something that is very important.


I’m curious- which tribes in particular did you work with, and are you still in contact with them and involved in their