A Re-encounter with Lucid Magic

July 8, 2018

We recently visited the Mazatec Sierra in Oaxaca Mexico, in the mountains, deeper than Huautla. Our experience there was beyond our expectatives.


A Mazatec medicine woman with whom we have over 30 years of relationship opened for us the doors of her house in this magical mountains, where we found the original and untouched magic of the Mazatecs, and the powerful nature of this place.


Again we were able to enter and touch profound aspects of consciousness and the healing that characterizes those mysterious, powerful, and beautiful mountains.


We were joyfully received and beautifully treated by this family, they hosted us in their home, where they cooked for us simple delicious food,


All harvested around the house, true, real, pure food, simple, yet delicious.


They built for us a Mazatec temazcal (sweat lodge) so we could go through the necessary cleansing before the Sacred Plants ceremonies. An interesting tunnel like structure, in contrast with the usual round design we are all used to.


They provided the precious space to go through deep inner work. The healing ceremonies are the real untouched tradition, and the medicine is effective, profound and powerful, like Huautla was 40 years ago, aspects that you cannot find there anymore due to the arrival of civilization.

We found again something we had not experienced in the Mazatec Sierra for decades, we joyfully discovered it is still alive, powerful and untouched!


Besides visiting the main power places of the Mazatecs, we also hiked near the house in areas that are wonderful, and are part of their land, it is so big you can walk all day and not see it all. In their land  they have mountains, creeks, rivers, and even caves. There they grow corn, squash, chili... uncountable vegetables herbs and fruit trees.


This place and family allow you to feel safe, silent, protected, and peaceful, which is a basic foundation to trust and surrender to your healing process to let it happen to its full with no worries.