Previous work is done to open connection and dialogue with Nature, to sensitize, and focus on personal work,

to deepen in the use of the techniques and tools that will be used during the burial.


Finally we will dig a "box" in a special way, the space where the participant will enter at sunset, to come out at dawn.

This box is similar to a tomb, but the participant is not immersed in soil, it's more like a cocoon to go through a metamorphosis, this box has a lid made of logs, which is covered by a thick layer of the soil that was dug out.

This box has breathing ducts in a way that fresh air will be flowing, they are also used to communicate, as the process is guided with instructions along the night, they may also be used to call for the coordinators assistance in case its necessary.



This is a practical work, but also a spiritual invitation;  a portal for deep and important awareness in the life, like a rite of passage in life; from one stage to a higher one, a shamanic death and rebirth initiation, the beginning of a new way of living.


Somehow it's the return to the womb, in the body of Mother Earth, and with her help to shapeshift, to reshape into a healthier form, a place for a profound introspection, and consciousness takeovers, with it's respective commitments born from there. An opportunity to fine fine tune all that  requires to be addressed, modified, or molded, inside mother´s womb is where we all got a form, it´s the origin of our time and energy. With her help and purposeful work, to become a better formed human, and to be reborn like that.



 If you want to participate and are not able to come to the live workshop, this work is given in parallel via Internet, no doubt more difficult to do, and with less support, companions feedback, and practices, but much better than not doing it at all.

The participant receives work instructions by e-mail, and additional support is given via live videovideo conferences, to clear doubts, share success, and difficulties. You also through mail, questions and answers may be cleared out, phone App messaging, or phone support anytime along the workshop.